You have changed

It is difficult to believe that Second Life has been around for nearly 14 years and yet I only discovered it less than a year ago. I stumbled into this virtual world whilst wandering around in the internet’s seedy underbelly, not sure what to expect. To begin with, it took me ages to get out of a large building devised as a training arena for teaching you how to move in Second Life. Obviously there was a short cut. Obviously, I hadn’t noticed.

Some people would argue that being nostalgic over something that happened less than a year ago and not even in the tangible, physical, very real world, is ludicrous. I would count myself as one of those people, yet whenever I see a new arrival in Second Life walking around -stumbling, bumbling, tumbling- using the redhead classic avatar “Wyatt”, I can’t help but feel a certain amount of the fuzzy-wuzzies.

Of course, as you can tell, I soon moved on from my humble beginnings. Someone kind enough to spend some time with a noob, showed me the way to various mesh body options and I eventually settled on one of those to cover up that raggedy old “system body”. I respect that longtime Second Life residents have grown attached to their avatar and value this sentiment higher than a need for change or updating. It’s all new to me, so logically I go for what’s current. Another reason for the quick switch to a mesh body is that much of my professional life consists of laying out catalogue pages for rather unexciting products. It was to be expected that my longing for graphic design to look as good as it possibly can, was going to manifest itself even more clearly in a virtual world. Getting from Wyatt to Billy has been a bit of climb, but well worth it. I have now reached a point at which I want to start sharing my virtual life with those of you I haven’t met yet “in world” and even those that are yet to take their first wobbly steps in Second Life.

Hope to see you around

“Anastasia Beaverhausen… Anastasia as in Russian royalty; Beaverhausen as in… where the beaver live.” Karen Walker

Styling credits for Billy
Mesh body, head and skin by TMP
Eyes by Icon
Shape: my own
Hair and hat by Bade
Eyewear by Haysuriza
Sweater by Noche
Skinny trousers by Gild

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