The Good, The Bad And The Fugly III

You have until the end of April to find 50 items at 50 different locations and we call this Men Only Hunt, edition 9. I have attacked this hunt like some crazy ass maniac and finished it all in one day but I should caution you by saying that you may want to pace yourself. I feel like I will never be the same again… dramatic pause… You can find the practical information about the hunt on  the organizer’s official site.

For this post the images have been processed as little as possible to give you an honest impression of the items, but enough dillydallying! Here’s the third and final installment of my blog trilogy on this epic fashion hunt for the gents in SL.

Loulou & Co on number 37 in the hud donated a cardigan to MOH9. I had some trouble making it fit on the TMP body, mostly around the neck and shoulders, as is often the case with the TMP bod. The texturing is more or less o.k. and the cardigan is worn open without a shirt so it’s rather sexy and handy to flash your hipster tattoos but I’m leaning more towards “meh” than “wow”.

bebop cardigan

There a number of tattoos to be found on this hunt and as those are much (much!) easier to apply and remove in Second Life than in real (painful) life, it’s great fun to take them out for a spin. Why not try the Gojun Tattoo sleeves by Facade at No. 12 (Omega, Signature, Slink, TMP and classic)…

Facade Gojun tattoo

Or the Fullmoon sleeves by Endless Pain at No. 10 (Omega, Signature, Slink, TMP and classic)…

fullmoon tattoo

Why not go the full monty with this Flawless Time tattoo by Taox  at No. 4 (Adam, Omega, Signature, Slink, TMP, NO classic tattoo layer for this one).

Taox tattoo

There’s also a fair amount of facial hair in this hunt, like these slashed eyebrows by VYC at No. 2 in the hud (TMP, Catwa, Omega and classic)…

VYC slashed eyebrows

And this Craig Facial Hair by Volkstone, No. 35 in the hud (Omega applier only).

Volkstone - Craig facial hair

Razor (No. 23) is giving us this baseball shirt which never is going to be an ideal fit for the TMP body, unless I make it really skinny. Ironically, I have seen the Aesthetic version of this shirt on someone with that particular mesh body and it looked fine (in pictures at least). On me it looks good from the front, but my neck and shoulders keep eating into it.

razor long sleeve t-shirt

Noche (No. 27) is pushing the envelope a bit with this crop top for the somewhat more daring fashionistas among us. Both the texturing and mesh are nicely detailed and getting this top to fit did mean I had slim down my shape a bit, but overall it wasn’t too much of a kerfuffle. Keep in mind that this item has been made for the TMP and Signature bodies and you will not be able to wear it with a classic body. Now doesn’t all that fancy Noche underwear make you want to switch over to mesh?

noche crop top

Hop on a plane and get yourself on a beach, cause White City (No. 11) is giving us this Hawaii tank top, which magically fitted on my TMP body without any modification. On the other hand: this is so not me.

whitecity hawaii tank top

Back in a more urban setting you could be wearing this simple grey t-shirt by Etham (No.21), who’s clothing usually fits relatively easily on a TMP body but often is a bit too wide at the bottom for my liking. In this case I find it acceptable, though the grey is a bit dull.


Spring has arrived in real life for many people, but on those nippy mornings, a leather jacket can still be just the thing you need. Enter the Dandy Jacket by AR2 (No. 44). It’s another one of those “can’t use my arms” contraptions, but it does look good. It reminds me of Eurovision 2016.

AR2 dandy jacket

On to eye wear with this pair of Carravalli Glasses by Mulloy (No.49). What I like most about them is that they prove highly effective in illustrating just how unimpressed I am with these. Okay, perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but they seem so flat in-world. On the positive side, they do photograph well.

mulloy sun glasses

With some delay No! (No.9) has placed a little mustache in their store after all and it contains this simple pair of black sunglasses which in my opinion are better (though very different) than the ones above but still a bit “meh”. (yes yes, I admit, “meh” is a thing with me) NO! Didn’t have a prize out yet at the beginning of the hunt and they haven’t updated the hunt organizer on the fact they have one out now, so the link in the hud still doesn’t work. Here’s the slurl. And my hint: all this running around sure keeps you in shape.No-specs

For some bling have a look around at Obscure (No.40) and find this Moonlight necklace, which is the actual MOH9 prize and not the WOH prize shown in the previous post.

obscure moonlight necklace

Those of you that enjoy the occasional extreme hat day, will perhaps be impressed with the hat we’re getting from Stray Dog (No. 36). We’re used to seeing some pretty interesting skins from this house, I guess the wide brim on this hat will help to protect a milky white freckled nose from the scorching sun.

stray dog hat

After all that camming and looking for moustaches, this fresh pair of mesh eyes by Mesange (No.25) will be just what the doctor ordered.


Finally I made my way over to It’s A New Dawn to show off this cowboy hat from Stone’s Works (No. 45) and to unwind after all this unpacking, sorting and trying on new items.Stones Works cowboy hat

The end.

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