Tasteful kink

Not long ago a mad Easter egg hunt was taking me all over the grid and let me tell you, those eggs were hidden in some of the kinkiest places in SL. Compared to the deliciously gossip-worthy nastiness I was exposed to then, the monthly recurring Kink(y) Event is rather tame, but arguably far more tasteful.

This event starts on the 28th of each month and runs until the 19th of the next month, giving the organisers some time to setup for the next round. The venue is a charming manor thoughtfully furnished in a style that becomes the building, though the colour scheme is slightly too dull and brown, not only for my personal taste, but from a more objective marketing point of view. Those shades of brown simply don’t convey sexiness at all. Upstairs you’ll find a spacious lounge area where you can take a break from shopping. That is to say,  it would be ideal for that if it weren’t for the fact that all scripts have been removed from the furniture.

kinky event 1

Of course far more important than the venue is the quality and diversity of the products on offer. From what I could see, there was a nice mix of skimpy outfits, scandalous shoes and titillating lingerie… Heavens to Betsy! Titillating? Do we still use that word? I feel we should though. Whenever I visit an event that mostly caters for female avatars I tend to get hit in the face with buxom bosoms upon landing. Titillating works rather well as a word to describe the phenomenon of rezzing delays at a busy sim.  Kink(y) Event caters for male avatars too with a selection of skins and tattoos and usually some kind of garment designed to barely cover your naughty bits. I walked out of there with Noche’s newest thong, the fatpack version no less, because I’m worth it, (Second) life is too short, you only live once, you’ve gotta carpe diem and it looks haaawt.

kinky event 6All in all Kink(y) Event is worth a quick visit, even if you end up buying nothing. The sim is aesthetically pleasing and if you take a look around you’ll find that it hosts a number of shops besides the event’s manor and there aren’t that many places where you can ask kitty what she’s playing wi… oh!

kinky event 4

kinky event 2

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