Fabulous Freebies I

When I first became a Second Life resident, I was all about the freebies. This is very common behaviour for noobs and probably the smartest way to upgrade your avatar while you are still trying to figure out if SL is going to be something for you. We should keep in mind though that everything we see and use has been created by fellow residents and some of them are actually trying to make a living that way. I soon became bored with looking a bit rough around the edges and cracked open the wallet after a couple of weeks or so. Having said that, I still enjoy a nice freebie. My standards have raised a bit and many items will go straight to trash after unpacking, but there are still plenty of quality gifts to be found, if you know where to look for them.

L’Homme Magazine isn’t only a beautifully created digital magazine focusing on male fashion in SL, it also has a readers group you can join free of charge which entitles you to various gifts from creators listed in the magazine. If you care even just a little bit about looking good in SL, you definitely need to check it out. The images have been highly processed outside of Second Life and you shouldn’t expect that things will always look just as nice inworld, but every page carefully lists which items have been used, making it easy to replicate some of the looks, though of course with a twist that makes it “you”.

Hunting for freebies can be fun and a good example of this is MadPea’s Ghost Town. You can enter this MadPea game free of charge and upon completion you will gain access to a prize room.

One of my favourite items from that particular haul is a nicely detailed, well-fitting pair of jeans by  Lapointe & Bastchild as shown in the picture below. If you’re not familiar with this brand yet, you may want to visit the L&B main store. The bracelets I’m wearing are a nice example of the kind of free items you can collect by checking out the current L’Homme Magazine. You will find them at Swallow.

fabulous freebies 001Evidently this outfit is rather anaemic, but it wouldn’t need much more to finish it off. A nice tank top and pair of boots and you’re good to go.

fabulous freebies 001b

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