Men Only Monthly – May / June 2017

Arguably there is no shortage of commercial events in Second Life. I say arguably, because I suspect there are some avid SL shopaholics out there suffering from a constant craving for new pixels. They’re the ones trying to get into an event the moment it opens, wearing a full body alpha in an attempt to minimise lag and running around like a deranged ghost repeatedly muttering “must-find-new-outfit”. Or perhaps they’re more like zombies. That makes me think that people that have one of those mesh heads with a brain in it better watch out! But I’m getting sidetracked here. I meant to write about a monthly event I regularly visit.

Men Only Monthly is, as the name indicates, a monthly event that allows designers to showcase their latest pieces dedicated to male avatars. This stimulates the SL economy and gives the designers a deadline to work to. I could go into a lengthy dissertation about how deadlines push productivity but hamper creativity and how this means that you will not necessarily always see the best work at these events. Being one of those weirdos who usually see both sides of the coin, I could equally passionately argue that plenty of people perform at their best under a certain amount of pressure. In any case it means that between the 20th of the current month and the 15th of the next month, the somewhat lazier convenience shopper has a place to go to where around 45 new items can be purchased and they can come out of the experience totally swankified and ready for a brand new SL experience… Till the next round comes along.

This month I was charmed by a rugged looking pair of overalls by Gild, with a Jack Daniels whiskey flask as a very well executed detail. It proofs that men can wear something “off the shoulder” too and be sexy and it’s just a little bit cheeky, if you know what I mean.

Gild overalls

Something else that managed to catch my eye, was the hairstyle “Haunting” by Stealthic. I hadn’t heard of this brand before and that’s probably because they only have two male hairstyles at their shop. I really appreciate the realistic looking hair roots and the fact that this hairstyle comes with its own little styling hud containing four alternatives.


After trying on numerous items of clothing and discarding them for one reason or another or mentally classifying them in the “maybe for later” folder, I  Eventually  was able to break free from the shopping daze and sprinted out of the MOM hall wearing a pare of scandalously skimpy running shorts by Noche and I kept on running like the wind blows all the way to the beach… Oy vey, that salty air always gives me such frizz.

beach run blog

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