Am I a man or am I a muppet…

If I’m a muppet, well I’m a very manly muppet. So I went off to the newest commercial event for manly men in SL, appropriately named Man Cave.

It’s a very manageable shopping experience with about 30 participating brands, perfect for the impatient man. You’ll find a mix of men’s apparel, accessories, tattoos, hair, beards and skins as well as some home decor items to furnish your, well… man cave obviously.


Kalback came to the event offering a pair of jeans with rolled up cuffs ideal for those impromptu walks by the beach on balmy early summer evenings, complete with a briefs-&-belt add-on including a number of texture options. If you’re not feeling quite beach body ready yet, frankly my dear it’s all in your head. Nevertheless you can pick up a nice and easy t-shirt from Cold Ash, bringing out all what’s nice under the hood whilst skillfully hiding your wobbly bits. (But I adore your wobbly bits!)


Etham seems to be banking on a cold summer or perhaps they’re pleasing the peops Down Under with something warm to wear, as Oz is slowly heading for winter now. The pea coat they’ve brought to the show wouldn’t have been overkill here in Stockholm either, with the kind of chilly real life spring we’ve been having. Luckily you can always make things cosy inside, with  for example the rustic sideboard (LI: 2), frame (LI: 1) and carved deer head (LI: 3) by Anhelo, available as single purchase items or an economically priced fat pack.


There were more goodies at Man Cave that caught my attention, but I have until the 9th of July to revisit that manliest of manly events. I shall wait in the name of delayed gratification.

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