Fabulous Freebies V

Second Life is celebrating its 14th birthday and we’re being showered in gifts. However, I think I’ve been missing out on most of the celebration, because the webpage with an overview of the various shopping sims where the gifted designers are offering great discounts as well as some pretty sweet freebies, states that it will all end on 26 June. Upon writing this I have only visited two of sims listed on the webpage but I believe that there is quite some overlap between the four venues. Some of the goodies I found at the “Golden” venue were:

  • a rugged leather watch bracelet from Zed
  • a rustic pair of goggles from The Forge
  • a set of baseball caps from CA Mallwith various flags for those days you’re feeling patriotic
  • an “ethnic” necklace from L&B Swear

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