She Sells Sea Shells By The Seashore

anning-215x300-e1498999235393.jpgIn 1799 a girl was born who later on in life was going to change how we understand our planet’s history. Her name was Mary Anning and she was the eldest daughter of a family which had its fair share of economic worriment (*whispers*: hey, psssst… that means they were poor). They supplemented their income by digging up fossils so they could sell these to tourists by the shore. Mary grew up to become a well known name in geology circles and I urge you to google her. She passed away in 1847 and finally in 1908 the famous tongue twister “She sells seashells by the seashore” came into being to commemorate Anning, but sadly its origin mostly got lost in time, unless you go looking for it.

Meanwhile in SL, MadPea has organised a Summer Hunt that has us all running around with buckets, collecting well hidden colourful shells. Those of you who participated in the Easter Egg Hunt will remember that some of the eggs contained prizes. This is again the case with the sea shells, but with most of them you will earn points which you can use as currency to buy the prizes currently on display at MadPea.

This hunt is driven by a hud costing 100 L$, which is pretty darn cheap when you see just how much fun it is to go hunting for those shells. You can also make your own home or sim into a hiding place, simply by purchasing a set of shells and sticking them under bushes (oh hello Sean, fancy meeting you here) or in closets (Tom, come out now!), heck hang them in the chandelier (give it a rest already Sia). Go nuts! Or rather, make the hunters go nuts. Clearly this hunter is already on the edge.


The first time you attach the hud you will be assigned to a team. There’s the sunny Yellows, the steadfast Blues and the flamboyant Reds. Well actually it’s just yellow, blue and red, you can use whatever adjectives you want. I’m blue (daba dee daba die) and that means coming up with another blue outfit every day. Oy vey! This fun has been going on for about a week now and it continues till 9th July so you better hurry and get your bucket out! (no that’s not an euphemism)

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