Fabulous Freebies VII

The MadPea Summer Hunt feverishly continuous and my total score has just gone over 20.000, which puts me a long way down from the top score, I’m sure. I’m not really that much bothered with that. I won’t even check my place on the scoreboard… #129 *harrumph*

Meanwhile it kept raining cute prizes along the way, like for example this beach screen from Serenity to maintain my modesty while I’m changing into my swim trunks. They complimented the screen with a little crafty frame to mount on the wall of your beach hut (or your bathroom, if you roll that way) and a rustic wooden box containing a towel and starfish . Chez Moi charmed me with a whimsically dysfunctional clock while Plastik showered me with a bunch of summery nail varnish options. They also threw in a sand castle as a bonus prize just in case you prefer to keep your nails au naturelle. Last but not least I found a couple of brightly coloured wall drapes at Merak, which will come in handy to give my SL dwelling that touch of summer.

Avatar credits:
Mesh body and head: Signature
Skin: Stray Dog
Pubic hair: Nearly Tactile
Shape: own work
Hair: Stealthic

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