Arguing with myself… among others

I have abandoned the A-frame Linden Home I was occupying with my alt and started the game of picking a new Linden Home, checking it out and dropping it again, when I feel the area is too crowded. This is something I can repeat up to five times within 24 hours till I have found something that satisfies me. Alternatively, I’m contemplating to get a dirt cheap 512 sqm plot of mainland and rez a skybox very high up which I would use to create a constantly changing living space.

As all of the furniture came from my inventory, me, myself and I, meaning Billy, emptied the house. Later on this had the somewhat forlorn looking effect of my alt standing in an empty house, ready to give it up.
Billy: Oy Wyatt! Pull up your pants
Wyatt: Look who’s talking?
Billy: Why sir, whatever might you mean by that
Wyatt: Ha! Don’t you try the butter-wouldn’t-melt approach with me, I know you too well.


All of the houses I looked at were less attractively situated than the one I had before, so naturally I reached my daily quota quit quickly. At one of the houses there was someone standing around and as they made no immediate effort to say hi, I thought I’d take advantage of the situation to see what happens to someone when you turn on the security measures. I have been at the receiving end of that experience but never witnessed if something physically funny happens to someone who’s yanked away from a house. Sure enough I saw the poor lass being pulled from the house and smacked down on the ground just a few yards away between the other houses. After that I couldn’t blame her for not being forthcoming to start a conversation, so I made the effort myself.

Wyatt: So that’s what happens when I activate the privacy settings while someone is standing in the house. That sure sent you flying out of here. The landing looked a bit rough too. SL can be so rude 🙂 And now I’m abandoning this house again, cause it’s not quite right. You’ll be able to walk back in.
Resident X: wow and it’s people like you that makes people think sl sucks.
Wyatt: Naaah, that’s what the trolls and begging bots are for and even with those I still don’t think it sucks. I’m enjoying it for most of the time. I admit it was a wee bit rude, but I’m also honest enough to say that it was kinda funny to see you fly off like that.
Resident X: smh childish.
Wyatt: That must be the childish side of my sense of humour that sometimes likes things like America’s Funniest Home Videos.
Resident X: damn Americans
Wyatt: There, I was in the middle of admitting that it was indeed childish before I could finish. Damn assuming people. I’m not American.
Resident X: no am I. I figured you had to be American or from UK. lol.
Wyatt: Neither.
Resident X: well I know your not Canadian.
Wyatt: Technically that would have made me American.
Resident X: pffft nope.
Wyatt: It’s a continent not a country. Mexicans are American too.
Resident X: pfft nope.
Wyatt: So there’s no such thing as European?

And that’s where the conversation stopped, I got no further reply and I don’t go off in a ranting monologue… but I do argue with my alt? I’m such a weirdo. It’s a pity, cause I thought we could have become besties.

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