Beached Bunny Hunt

beach bucketEvil Bunny Productions launched a hunt on 3 July and it’s one of those things I’m finally getting round to about two weeks later. The good news is that we have until 31 July to finish it. I think it’s the first time that I have come across a hunt that uses a story line but isn’t part of some game. Apparently this bunny has been eating one too many Easter peeps and got his big butt stuck in the sand. It’s up to us to dig him out, which sounds very unlikely because rabbits are excellent diggers, even the fat ones. To help him escape his sandy trap, and prevent a bad sunburn,  we need to collect all of the buckets. There are 71 stops and you can find the hints and slurls on Evil Bunny’s blog.

The list with slurls could do with another proofreading, because several of the links point to the same location as the one above it. There’s also an accidental link to a Marketplace shop and one link is dead altogether. On the positive site, the buckets weren’t hard to find. Here’s the loot I will be keeping, or at least haven’t trashed immediately after unpacking. To create some order in my chaos, the numbering I’m using below corresponds with the Evil Bunny blog.

49. Beach lounger, umbrella, side table and ice bucket with beer bottles by Kitty Creations. These probably weren’t made with the sharpest tools in the box, but I’ve seen worse.Desert Lounger blog

50. Blue eyes (system and mesh versions) from Inkheart.
52. Pose with pig and phone from Frimon Store, which was marked as a female product.

63. Applier boxer shorts (Belleza, Slink and Omega) in five patters from Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF. I don’t really like applier clothing, but I might use these boxer shorts in combination with low rider jeans, especially for photography.
55. Voley ball pose from Defiant Pixelsmanstuff_boxers

41. White boxer shorts with black print on one leg and cheeky lipstick marks on the crotch by GL.
11. Beach hut texture (pack of 12) from Virtual Textures.
22. Drift wood sign “Seas the day” from The Artist Shed.

That’s all folks! I skipped plenty of stores because I haven’t got the bosoms to fill out a dress and trashed some of the items I collected because they just weren’t shouting “keep me” loud enough.

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