Life’s too short(s)

If you scroll further down the page or jump straight down, you will see the post in which I introduced the free TMP mesh body. Okay, “introduced” probably isn’t the right word, seeing how it has been around for a while now. On the other hand, I did get more than one reaction from people who weren’t aware you could achieve that look without paying full price for a mesh body. Here’s a little follow up to show some shorts and shirtless options, because it’s summer where I live and though nobody told the weather gods about it, I know that a bad summer passes almost as fast as a good one. Carpe diem and show off the goods.

TMP_shorts_1Left: running shorts by Noche (L$300). Right: knee length shorts by TMP (L$325).

Left: running shorts by Dufaux @ Fameshed (L$250). Right: sport shorts by [SM]art (L$249). Free flip flops from Dufaux worn in all four pictures.

When it comes to shorts all of the creators shown here manage to rig them in such a way that no alpha is needed. Apart from with TMP’s own shorts you might see the occasional bit of cheeky skin poke through the fabric when you’re for example shaking your booty at a hot beach party, but they look fine most of the time. When it comes to a shirtless look with jeans, (baggy) trousers or sweatpants, your choices are limited to TMP items as shown below.


Left: coloured jeans by TMP (L$395), sneakers by Deadwool (L$300 for single colour version,  L$2190 for fatpack version).
Right: faded pink sweatpants by TMP (L$300), sneakers by Valekoer (group gift)


Left: Very cheeky low-riding baggy trousers by TMP (L$475), studded denim sneakers (L$475) by TMP. Oh, and you get a pulled up version with those trousers too, in case you’re worried about catching a cold or something.
Right: classic pair of blue jeans by TMP (L$300), cropped tank top by Eximia (L$250), technically you’re not entirely shirtless with this one, but there isn’t a whole lot of fabric to it and it’s one of the few non-TMP items you can wear with this free mesh body.

Conclusion Okay so you won’t always be the it-boy of the crowd, but at least you’ll be well put together and after all that hard work in the gym (with those sliders) you want to show off that chest!



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