Men Only Monthly – July Round

It’s raining men – and women too for that matter – at the start of theJuly round of Men Only Monthly, which commenced the 21th July and will end on August 15th, giving those hard working creators an organisers some days to regroup, reset and reinvent so it can start all over again on the 21th of August. MOM showcases 46 items exclusive to the event, but don’t worry too much if you haven’t managed to drag your tardy ass over to the Men Only District before this round closes, because in most cases if not all, the items will eventually end up at the creators’ own shops anyway. As is the case with many of these events, the first couple of days the lag is so dense it often feels like you’re wading through a lake of custard (yum!) but for once I wanted to be somewhat timely so I pushed on.

Not one to easily cower away from a little challenge in SL, I thought it would be fun to go shopping with the NX-Nardcotix “David” mesh body, wearing nothing but his little swim trunks. This body doesn’t seem to gain much momentum and judging by what I tried on at MOM, clothing options are still limited at the moment. Most cute tank tops were a big no-no, tight fitting t-shirts a no-go, and I started thinking I should not have come so-lo. In the end I settled on a muscle tank top by Etham which was the only brand that had a specific size for the NX-Nardcotix body.


After taking a closer look at everything and trying out many of the pieces, I finally found a pair of faded black jeans (really? I needed another pair of jeans?) by Body Factory that fitted snugly after some minor shape tweaking. A pose from K&S Creations, also available at MOM, made it easier to show the jeans off. Finally, to finish off this simple shirtless look I didn’t have to dig very deep in my inventory to find the pair of “Chaise” sneakers from Deadwool. There was a minimal clipping with the jeans, but not enough to be a deal breaker.

MOM July 2017 blog

I will most probably return with one my other bodies before this round of MOM has ended, but for now I’m out off here to store everything neatly in my inventory and be really busy doing tons of stuff.

Afternoon Nap blog

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