I Can Stop Whenever I Want To…

But why would I want to? So when I saw that there is such a thing as The Mesh Body Addicts Fair, I ditched my Mesh Body Addicts Anonymous meeting with a “see ya, wouldn’t wanna prim ya” and headed straight for that lag-ridden but oh-so-lovely sim full of booths with all those new mesh goodies. Apparently the fair is now in its third year, so by SL standards I was expecting it to have matured nicely in the course of those three years and overflowing with high quality items. I did like a lot of the things I saw even if many of them weren’t suitable for me.

NX-Nardcotix Tank & Briefs 1 blog

NX-Nardcotix is launching a tank top and briefs for its male mesh body at this fair, so this is the perfect follow-up to my previous post. If you scroll down to that post, you will see that I did a lot of pulling and squeezing of unrigged and downright kinky underwear. If I had known that NX-Nardcotix was going to release a pair of tight fitting classic briefs MADE FOR THIS BODY only a couple of days later, I’m not sure I would have bothered. Oy vey! I need to keep my ear closer to the grape vine… but I prefer to just drink the wine and then go totally overboard by getting the full pack for L$ 2.800.

NX-Nardcotix Tank & Briefs 2 blog
That price tag is a just a little bit over the top. Sure, 11 solid colours and 5 patterns is a lot, but I feel L$ 2.000 would have been a more acceptable price. Even more so if you know that these items will probably only work with one mesh body… Their own!

Below I have listed all the participants to the MBA fair. As you can see I’ve put them in three groups, but some of the ones that are listed under Female could in theory have been in the Male & Female group, if the participant hadn’t chosen not to show any male avatars with their products, thus missing an opportunity.

Modulus, NX-Nardcotix
Male & Female:
Adam & Eve, Altamura, Avenge, Belleza, GA.EG, Identity,  Image Essentials, Gabriel, Izzie’s, Legal Insanity, Logo, Lure, Slink, Swallow, Riot, Tease Me Boutique
7 Deadly S[k]ins, Alaska Metro, Aley’s, Ama, Arise, Asteria, Belze Bubble, Breathe, Dark Passions, Carol G, Cynful, Dafnis, Decoy, DE Designs, Deetalez, Elegance Body Language, Boutique, Decoy, DS’ELLES, Entice, Esode, Essenz, Entice, Fame Femme, FnH, Gaall, Genesislab, Gissa, Glitzz, Insanya, Empire, KC Couture, Kaithleen’s, Lakshmi, Le Fil Casse, LX Essentials, Maddict, Maitreya, Masoom Mimikri, Moz Designs, Muggle Born, N.core, Neve, Oceane, Pervette, Pink Pearl, Pumec, Rapture, Real Evil, Salt & Pepper, Scandalize, Slackgirl, Supernatural, Sys, The Annex, theSKINnery, Tonic, Tori’s Stylez, Veechi, Vinyl, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Wow Skins, YSSY, Zibska, ZOZ

Overall the product offer for male avatars is somewhat anaemic, but I did pick up a couple of nice goodies which I will be showing soon on another mesh body.

The Fair will run from 1 August 2017 to 21 August 2017, so relax, take your time, wait till it gets a little less busy… Who am I kidding, you’re already there, right?

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