All’s Fair in Love and Mesh

Of course the chances were very slim that I was going to leave the Mesh Body Addicts Fair with just some underwear. Mind you, Compared to some of you I am only a lightweight shopaholic. Sometimes I let the Linden dollars just burn a hole in my pocket and I leave empty handed. At other times I’m more inclined towards the “laissez les bon temps rouler” school of life and end up with an empty wallet. Seeing how this fair catered more for female avatars, I kept the spending reasonably modest after I got the underwear that lured me to the fair in the first place.

From the Riot booth I got these ripped “Emery” denim shorts (L$ 199) and tight fitting “Andrew” tank top (L$ 199). I’m wearing this on the “Jake” body from Belleza and as they are also at the fair I checked out their booth. I wasn’t really impressed with the linen shirt and trousers Belleza had on display, but I did grab a pair of “Andrei” sandals (L$ 195) in a nice warm chestnutty tone. This is a good example of how I will not automatically like everything a particular designer creates, while I may really like, nay, LOVE some of their work.

MBA Fair Outfit 2 blog
Legal Insanity came to the fair with the “Colter” rolled denim shorts (L$ 329) which are a bit longer and include a colour change hud for the belt and buckle. It’s a shame that the Legal Insanity booth looked rather empty with just one piece for male avatars and two for the ladies, because I rather like this brand.

MBA Fair 2017 GA-EG Eyes blog
Last but not least, because the eyes are the windows to our soul and other such melodramatic crap, I grabbed a GA.EG “Studioline” eye pack (L$ 340) on my way out of the fair. I wasn’t familiar with the way their eyes work and didn’t know that I had to pick up their “Ultimate” eyes to be able to use this pack. Perhaps the vendor for the actual eyes was at the fair as well and I simply didn’t notice it. The eyes are a free item however and I  headed over to the GA.EG main store to pick them up. Installation was hassle free and the hud made it very easy to move the eyes into the correct position. I can see clearly now that the particle rain has gone, I can see all popsicles on my way with my brand new soulful eyes and I can start looking forward to the next blog post.

Some credits
Mesh Body: “Jake” by Belleza
Mesh Head: “Stanley” by Catwa
Skin: “Arthur” by Stray Dog
Ears: “Steking Ears – Season 5” by Mandala
Hair: “Reach” by Stealthic

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