Fabulous Freebies VIII

RIGHT! Time to rustle up some freebies after all that spending. I cleaned up my notifications list, went through my groups and it also was particularly helpful that L’Homme Magazine just has a new issue out (ridiculously gorgeous as usual of course), which is always a good source for nice goodies. Keep in mind that the stores often need a bit of time to put the magazine’s group gifts out for us to get our greedy grabbers on. Let’s start with some store group gifts.

Fabulous Freebies VIII blog
All shown on Signature mesh body and head
An all-in-one (just one item to put on) suite from Gizza. Not a bad effort really. I like the half grey half black idea. Strangely the belt buckle pokes through the shirt a little.
Middle: Navy shorts with anchor pattern by Cold Ash. I’m definitely liking these and I recently got a bunch of their T-shirts which will go well with these shorts.
Right: A star spangled t-shirt by Ascend. I like the shape, the drape of the fabric, the details and the pattern, but I dislike the big Ascend logo on the back. It’s not really a gift if it forces you to advertise the brand.

Next up are some of the L’Homme Magazine readers group gifts

Fabulous freebies VIIIb blog
Left: A simple but very well made sage green t-shirt from Cold Ash. I’m loving the drape and shading and didn’t have to look too hard to find a pair of shorts to go with it.
Middle: I quickly switched to the Belleza body and Catwa head to show the “Zhao” Catwa applier from Stray Dog. I’m also using a slightly altered version of the body shape that comes along with the applier. Keep in mind that the gift only includes the applier for the Catwa mesh head. You will need to purchase the matching applier for the Signature or Belleza body from Stray Dog (L$ 490) in case you don’t have it yet.
If the sleeveless jacket catches your eye, you can go pick it up at Clef de Peau. I had some trouble getting this to work with the Signature body and my own shape, but it looks good on the Belleza body with the shape from Stray Dog.
Right: From Gizza you can get this t-shirt that seems to be popping up everywhere now. Two creators are showcasing it at MOM and a month ago I already found a version of it in a hunt. Having said that, I do think the chain and strap are very nice details and I won’t be throwing this t-shirt out anytime soon.

I kept using the combination of the Belleza body and Catwa head with that beautiful Eurasian look from Stray Dog to shoot pictures of some accessories you will also find among the L’Homme Magazine group gifts.

Fabulous Freebies VIIIc blog

Left: A leather necklace with metal geometric pendant from [kunst]. Textures of leather and metal can be changed with a hud.
Middle: The “Owe” head tattoo by Bolson. It says head tattoo but I like that you can use this with your hair base and still see a lot of the tattoo.
Right: Another leather and metal geometric necklace from RealEvil Industries. There is no hud for this one, so what you see is what you get, but personally I feel this one makes more of a statement than the delicate one from Kunst, so I don’t feel like I got the same thing twice.

There are more freebies waiting in my inventory to be shown, but they are whatchamacallits and thingamabobs to use around the house, so I’ll make a little still life out of them for another post soon. Have fun chasing those gifts!

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