Carpe Noctem

I won’t beat around the bush (pun intended), one of my favourite underwear brands in Second Life is Noche. As a TMP boy since my early SL days, I soon experienced that the body from The Mesh Project was difficult to dress and at times it could be pretty testing. To paraphrase a couple of lines of the wonderful Toni Collette’s character from the movie In Her Shoes: “Clothes never look any good. Pixel food just makes you fatter (not really). Shoes always fit.” And so does anything from Noche! So it’s no wonder that I’m very happy that both the Metallic Thong and the Essential Jockstrap have now been updated for the Belleza Jake body, which is rapidly becoming a new favourite of mine… or not… maybe… I CAN’T CHOSE!

Carpe Noche and go grab your update at the Noche store now, just hit the redelivery terminal behind the counter. If you’ve bought the Essential Jockstrap a while ago, it might not be in the system, but I’m sure you’ll work out some proof of purchase solution with the designer (send him loads of dirty pictures)

Noche Updates 1 blog

Some credits
Mesh body: Jake by Belleza
Mesh head: Stanley by Catwa
Skin: Catwa applier and Belleza applier Zhao by Stray Dog
Hair: Obscura by Stealthic

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