The August Gacha Garden

Earlier this month a notification popped up on my screen with a note card attached to it, telling me that The Gacha Garden was returning for its August 2017 round with more than 100 new gacha sets and 61 FREE GIFTS! I wasted no time and zipped over there like my pants were on fire and presumable the only means of putting them out was to be found at that place. Or maybe I was simply compensating for my recent shopping splurges by trying to score free goodies. So here are just some of the the gifts you can pick up at the magically whimsical Gacha Garden.

“I Love My House” frame from Irrie’s Dollhouse | “Stay Wild Moon Child” poster from BoWillow | “But first, coffee” sign from Little Llama | Decorative tin lantern from Velvet Whip | Vase with flowers from 22769 |Piece of driftwood with a buoy from Bee Designs.

You have until August 31st to indulge your gacha cravings and pick up the gifts.

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