aQua(tic) Shopping

aQua is a new player in the Second Life commercial events arena. The organisers describe the venue as “the ultimate floating entertainment resort.” The layout lends itself well to wandering around at your leisure and taking in the views. Booths are seemingly casually arranged, making it feel less like a space that urges you to make purchases and more like somewhere you can relax and just hang out.

The number of empty booths made me wonder if this first round had been organised at very short notice or if the terms and conditions weren’t very interesting for the creators. I’m not really interested in finding out that kind of thing, I’d rather just stand here and ponder about the pros and cons of owning a yacht.

aQua II

What definitely drew me to this place was an advert for something new that works with the NX-Nardcotix body and is showcased at aQua. I’m talking about a very nice fitting, hugging-in-all-the-right-places jumpsuit from Clef de Peau. It’s available in a wide range of colours, but when it comes to something that looks this specific I usually don’t go for more than one colour and definitely don’t get the fatpack. This time however I threw caution to the wind and got it in turquoise, white, sand and red. You only live once… Well o.k., you may have an alt or take a break from SL and come back… O.k., the saying doesn’t work in SL. Sue me!

Jump for your love blog

Let’s wait and see if this event picks up a bit by the next round. Though there is a lack of products on offer, it definitely already is a more unique SL shopping experience than the usual boxy space with lots of booths. I’m looking forward to getting wet more often while I do my shopping… Wait, that sounded different in my head.

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