To The Mens Department!

Just imagine someone flicking the switch on an oversized light beam, sending the TMD logo high up in the air and calling for all us crazy-ass SL fashionistas to congregate and cause serious lag at yet another monthly commercial event and the scene loaded with super hero pop culture references is set. Of course I don’t have a batty cave or a super car or a secret identity (do alts count?) nor do I have Michael Caine doddering around at my place, being my man servant. I just have a hunger for new stuff and an eagerness to take on the challenge of finding wearable items for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. The Mens Department event runs monthly from the 5th till the end of the month, so it was quite easy to get in at this time of the month.

I like it when a demo can be unpacked without having to rez a box on the ground or when the demo items land in your inventory ready to be worn. It means you don’t have to go home to put things on. The first thing I tried on right there and then at TMD (hence the DEMO markings) and which actually fitted with some help of the alpha hud, was a “blouson” jacket with a long t-shirt with side slits and a hood combined with a pair of layered pants with a geometric pattern. I imagine I’ll be seeing this outfit from Scars around on the grid quite at bit. The t-shirt was also available separately but wasn’t suitable for the David body.

Vale Koer has a new pair of sneakers and in a twist of annoying real life realisme, the demo box contained the right shoe only. I liked the shape, the detailing and the range of available colours but I’m not a fan of overly branded pieces. With the big fat VALE on my right foot and equally large KOER on my left foot, I would forever be marching to the tune of this brand and it would eventually drive me crazy (well, crazier).
Gizza brought a pop of colour to the event with their newest range of suits. Except for my hands and a small area of my neck, this suit completely covered the mesh body and dictated my shape. For my personal taste the back looked too boxy and the overall effect was just a little bit too cartoon-like, but I can see how some people might actually appreciate that style.

Stealthic is slowly expanding their range of hairstyles for men and are helping us to get ready for autumn with this boyish beany look. I recommend making your ears quite small (mine are at 40 in this shot) so you can make the beany fit tightly and avoid an awkward looking gap. I dived in my wardrobe and pulled out a sweater from Etham to complete the casual look.

As the focus for this visit to The Mens Department was yet another effort to expand the wardrobe for the David mesh body, it is only fitting that I finish this post by showing off the sandals NX-Nardcotix has created especially for this body. I was looking for some breezy footwear to go with the jumpsuits I got for this body some time last week. Mission accomplished! Always nice to finish a shopping trip on a high note.

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