Men Men Men Men Manly Men

The Man Cave event is now in its second edition and I’m a little relieved to find that it has not exploded from the manageable size it was in its first edition to another one of those huge beasts among the commercial events.

Participants: le primitif, Isuka, Vrsion, TonkTastic Industries/Hermony, Stray Dog, Identity, Onvair, Volkstone, Sync’d, Drot, Gutchi, NX-Nardcotix, Vexiin, Codex, Zoom, Shoeminati, Modulus, mind carlberg, MadPea, 220 ml, Speakeasy, Noir, Krescendo, 22769, Etham, Dappa, Fancy Decor, Sabotage, Kalback, Hxnor. That’s 30 creators in all, for those of you that get a tiny bit excited in the nether region over a bunch of numbers.

Just Another Daydream II blog

My first order of the day at this event was to take care of my little pet project, i.e. getting clothes for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. The creator of this body is participating in this event and is showcasing a new pair of shorts, specifically created for David, which of course means that they fit beautifully and make the most of this body’s ass-ets (pun intended). A single colour is L$ 250 and the 9-colour fatpack is L$ 1600.
I also got myself a bit of scruff from Volkstone. The beard is part applier (Catwa & Omega) and part tintable prim. Getting the prim part right was a bit of a kerfuffle, but I think that was mostly just me being pedantic. The price tag for this beard is L$ 345.

I wander wonder blog

With a swish and flick of my magic wand, or just a click of the mouse, I switched to the Signature mesh body & head to broaden my range of shopping options. I snatched up a cute striped t-shirt from TonkTastic meets Hermony  ($ 290). There are different sets available each with a mix of 12 colours and prints for L$ 2000 per set. This t-shirt also works for Aesthetic, Belleza, Slink and TMP mesh bodies as well as the classic avatar. Here my little shopping spree ended and now I have demos to delete and stuff to organise cause this inventory isn’t going to keep itself clean.

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