Creating Dreams

I’ve always thought that I would love to live by the sea. There was a vague dream of saving up and retiring early to open a B&B somewhere on the coast – any coast really – but life is what happens in between plans. Over the years I have figured out that it’s not really about owning things but that life is for rent. I have realised that if you don’t exactly get to live your dream it never goes stale either. The silver lining is that you will never experience that anticlimax of having arrived at the final destination and thinking: “this is nice… NEEEEEXT!”

Regularly renting a modest cottage somewhere near the sea will go a long way to scratch that itch and keep the dream fresh. Second Life is perfect for recreating those dreams in virtual reality and escaping from the little rut you may find yourself in after a long day at work. Of course I’m not saying it is a satisfying replacement for the real thing, but at least it can help you get in a more relaxed mood and it doesn’t involve actual travelling. You can find a sweet little studio by the beach, enjoy the sunset and the soothing song of the crashing waves and the wind blowing through the dunes. Create a little comfortable nest for yourself out on the deck with a sofa, some old fur rugs and an outdoor fireplace to keep the cold at bay, when the nights start creeping up on you as summer nears its end. Most important of all, you should be with someone you really like.

Shutterfield will be showcasing the Coastal Sofa and Outdoor Fireplace at Shiny Shabby coming September. You can get their Garden Path and Garden Torches at the current round of On9, which runs till the end of August. If you like the whole outdoor/indoor vibe, you should check out Shutterfield’s main store.

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