Men Only Monthly August/September 2017

Weeks and months rush by, seeming to be in such a terrible hurry to get themselves behind me and yet days can have a tedious tendency to trudge, thus I find myself looking at the clock and calendar and realising that we are already about a week into a fresh round of Men Only Monthly and I haven’t even made ONE visit yet! Scandalous! Sure I have till 15th September, but who waits that long? I dusted off the good old TMP mesh body and head, put on one of my older wigs and whooshed over to The Men Only District. I thought it would be interesting to see how much support there still is for The Mesh Project’s body. So keep in mind that the comments below should all be seen in the light of the TMP body (no no, it’s not on full bright, it’s just a figure of speech).

I tried the hairstyle by Vango and found it lacking in the refinement we are currently seeing from other creators. On the plus side, the little hat is pretty sweet and some months ago I would have bought this.
The “Widower” tank top by [[Z:E:N]] was a black silky pleasure to slip into. I had to reduce the love handles on my shape to prevent clipping and I probably should tone down the muscle mass just to make sure, but I’m feeling all kinds of sexy in this.
FE Style brought a simple pair of shorts to this event, with a nice subtle pattern that doesn’t really show up in the navy version, which just happens to be the TMP demo. It’s clear that these will be more suitable for blokes with a flatter bum, because I kept busting the seams, even after reducing my butt size to 45.

MOM August 2017 1-2
Finding a bottom piece to wear with the sleeveless hoodie from Meva was a challenge. Every pair of jeans in my wardrobe I tried, was clipping and in the end only a skimpy pair of sweatpants (almost) worked. Perhaps you need to take a look at the rest of Meva’s collection to find something that really works with this top.
The layered “Jayden” top from Aitui is probably the kind of thing kids are wearing these days (oy vey, I’m getting old!) and the extra material and space at the bottom will make this easier to combine with whatever jeans and trousers you have in your wardrobe.
If you’ve been following this blog, you know I like my SL underwear (and if you haven’t been following it, why not?!) so I got a little bit excited at the booth of Loulou & Co, but felt disappointed at the sight of that very modest little bulge on their boxer briefs. Honey, if you’re going to design things for grown men, then please make them fully grown.

MOM August 2017 1-3
I would like to see some of the Etham pieces reworked with a little bit less extra space in the back. Everything looks comfortable and casual but the fabric stands away too far from my pixel butt, which is a shame because I do like the style and texturing of Etham’s collection and I did actually buy this jacket and t-shirt combination because I found it fitted better than usual.
The sweater from MG Men’s Store annoyingly kept clipping on my collar bone, which is a rare thing, cause with the TMP body it is often the back of the neck that’s causing the issues. I thought the alpha hud would blank out that part of the body, but apparently it doesn’t go up high enough to fix this.
Squeezing myself into Grabriel‘s skinny cotton pants required heavy duty use of the alpha hud and they made my legs look quite, well… skinny. However, these trousers are fit mesh. This means that after cranking up the leg muscles to 100%, my thighs looked slightly more chunky and I appeared to have calves again. I had to remove my feet to fit properly in the shoes, but at least there’s is no exposed ankle in this case, so it works.
The shirt with rolled up sleeves and a t-shirt from A&D works surprisingly well with the trousers from Gabriel and the texture hud for the fatpack is quite extensive. Interesting fact: sometimes when shirt collars are clipping on the neck of the TMP body, it can help to actually broaden the neck.

MOM August 2017 1-4
I am going to assume that the white jeans in the picture at Blank Line‘s booth work so well with this half tugged-in shirt because it is also available at their store (I’m guessing). A more marketing savvy person with any kind of understanding of cross-selling would at the very least mention this in a footnote on the poster. In any case I seemed to have clipping issues round the neck and shoulder again (see circle of shame).
The “Zeeba” sneakers from Native Urban did not include a TMP version, but the unrigged version was very easy to put on and adjust.
Last up is a pair of shorts by American Bazaar which didn’t really want to fit, even after some rather extensive shape editing. It’s a shame, because it looks like there are some cute textures in the hud and this was supposed to be a TMP version.

Participants: PM, Yasum Design, Soul, Vango, Ohëmo, The Oak, Petroff, XXY, Riot, Identity, Fli, 7 Mad Ravens, Secrets, Senses, Modern Clothing Co., [[Z:E:N]], FE Style, Meva, Grafica, Body Mod, Aitui, Loulou & Co, Hipster Style (by !BAAH!), Etham, Purple Poses, Real Evil, MG Men’s Store, Zoom, Lock & Tuft, Gabriel, Y-Ü, Animosity, Infinity, Cheeky, A&D Clothing, Volkstone, Unkwn, Mesange, Dappa, Avenge, Come Soon, Rebellion, Blank Line, Legal Insanity, Native Urban, American Bazaar.

Credits: Mesh body, mesh head, skin and facial hair all from TMP. Hairbase applier for TMP mesh heads from Aeros. Hairstyle from Dura.

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