Getting my kink on again

Monday evening, 10:30 pm. It’s been a long day and I decided to brave the first-rush-lag of an event and get my kink on. That’s right, my ever so slightly slutty readers, Kinky Event has oiled (or lubed?) the hinges and has thrown its doors wide open again in a very welcoming gesture. Of course, as usual, it’s mostly the ladies that will be getting their kicks here. Or rather, they will be getting items out of which their partners most probably willget a kick too, so in a way there is something for everybody.

So I thought I’d have some fun with short first reaction comments on every participant this time, just because I’m feeling inspired, or is it enticed? I’ll be skipping some of the pictures though, because I think you should get your buxom behind over to Kinky Event before September 19th to check it all out for yourself and make sure you don’t miss out on this round.

kinky event August 2017 - 1

  • Ascend: Oh, it’s one of those cropped tops that shows a lot of underboob. I so totally would wear that if I had the chest for it.
  • Asteria: Cute mix of sexy and sensible underwear with a seductively tied up top. It’s a kind of laundry day outfit that could get you into all sorts of trouble.
  • Avie: Oh dear, all chained up and nowhere to go?
  • Axix: Creative idea, using those heart-shaped handcuffs with a key as a necklace. It’s girly and kinky in one. Is that girky or kirly?
  • Ayashi: Girls posing in classic lacy lingerie, but it’s actually about the hairdo.

kinky event August 2017 - 2

  • Clef de Peau: Oh look. Collars. How original. And the boy is wearing one that says “girl toy”. OK I have to admit, that IS kinda hot. He’s like totally her little bitch y’all!
  • Codex: Long gloves are well posh and those claws are the cat’s meow
  • Cult: Shoes and another collar. Well made, but hardly original.
  • Dappa: Just another one of those body covering tattoos that used to be kinky but now are so mainstream, I half expect a Fox news host to bitch about it.
  • Empire: these shoes look like updated roman sandal with heels. That’s hot (Paris Hilton impression… what? At least I left Nicole Richie out of it!)
  • Gizza: Strappy.
  • Gutchi: Oh look, it’s a choker. Isn’t that like a collar?

kinky event August 2017 - 3

  • Hollipocket: Who doesn’t like underpants with deep meaningful messages written across the ass.
  • I Heart & Co: I’ve got nothing. Meh.
  • Identity: Oy vey! More tattoos! On the other hand, I do like the colourful works of Identity.
  • JF Design: This corset would look good in a Moulin Rouge show.
  • Kenny Rolands: Purrrrrfection.
  • Krescendo: Some of these signs could be my new philosophy.
  • Letituier: Quirky, weird, edgy, exaggerated hairdo and I kinda like it.

kinky event August 2017 - 4

  • Limerence: I like this choppy haircut, it says: “you’re not going to mess with me.
  • Luas: There will probably be people with enough of a latex addiction to keep yanking that thick rigid rod on the gacha machine.
  • Masoom: The metal work on this top / bra is exquisite.
  • Moda: The colour hud with these shoes looks like hours of fun.
  • Mushilu: Hahahahaha!
  • Noche: Must have this crop top!
  • Noir: Hmmm… I don’t think this event needed another choker, but this one is pleasingly edgy and faintly romantic. Because of the heart shaped lock? No, cause nothing says “I love you” like some spikes round your neck.

kinky event August 2017 - 5

  • Nova: Is that another collar? No! It’s a harness… with a built-in collar. Oh but there’s a kitty ears headband.
  • Pervette: Another choker but this time there’s a pair of garters thrown in for good measure.
  • Phoenix: I like hairdos with styling options.
  • Promagic: Playful.
  • Purple Poses: I don’t really know what to say about these poses without feeling like such a poser.
  • Quasi – decor: This is pretty hot, but I wish they had made one of the animations with the guy in a submissive pose the leading picture.
  • Redfish: Tattoo.
  • Ricielli: Stylish, sexy and just enough fabric.
  • Senses: Sssssteamy!
  • Speakeasy: Tattoo! Yes it is a nice one, very intricate etc. but it is yet another tattoo.

kinky event August 2017 - 6

  • Tetacia: I’m liking shine on this corset and can practically hear it squeak.
  • Una: The spike or pearls version is a nice idea. Some days you can be prickly and on others silky smooth.
  • Zara Kent: That’s nice bit of manly bling.

After all that perusing I finally treated myself to the Noche crop top. I went for a combination of leather and sheer in red and black. It reminds me just a little bit of the Star Trek Next Generation uniforms so it tickles my nerd bone as well as my funny bone. Beam me up Scotty!

Beam Me Up Scotty blog

Mesh body, mesh head, skin and baggy leather trousers all from TMP.
Hair and hairbase from Aeros.

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