Imaginative Gifts (sort of)

Notecard: “The Imaginarium has opened for its very first round! Filled with over 60 new gachas and unique exclusives, hundreds of deeply discounted items and dozens of gifts this event is sure to be one like no other!”

Landmark: The Imaginarium Event

I landed in the middle of what seemed to be a giant’s artist’s studio and half expected to hear a rumbling “fee fie foe fum…” but it turned out that there were only average sized people perusing the stands. Besides gacha sets, there were also plenty of items that could be bought in the good old direct way. There didn’t seem to be a specific theme for the items and it was a mix of clothing, hair, jewellery, decor and furniture. As usual male avatars were underrepresented and I’m not too sure about that claim of hundreds of deeply discounted items. Naturally I did not pick up any of the gifts for female avatars, so there could be some wee gems in there that I’m not aware off. I’ve lumped some bits and pieces together from the gift stash to take a picture and I’ rather charmed by the pineapple lamp and the cute little giraffe. There are worse ways to spend an hour or so in SL than by looking at cute stuff and getting freebies.

Imaginarium Gifts blog

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