Stray Dog update for Belleza Jake

I spied with my little eye a little notification that Stray Dog’s applier for the Belleza’s “Jake” mesh body has been updated and it now recognises the body’s neck sheath. Even without the neck sheath skin matching wasn’t bad, but every bit of help is welcome and regular updates are better than a complete standstill (are you listening TMP?). Below is a side to side comparison of the applier in Tone #2 in region standard windlight at my Linden Home with zero editing, using the Belleza Jake body in combination with a Catwa mesh head.

As you can see it is still not a 100% perfect solution, but depending on the windlight the result can be pretty damn fine, so while I’m not exactly doing wild dances that would put the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest winner to shame, I am mildly chuffed with this update. Well done Stray Dog and well done with the overall sexiness of this applier in any case. Woof!

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