Another kind of good weather

I’m enjoying a blissful couple of weeks off from work, spending time with friends and family and myself, leaving less time for Second Life blogging. Then again, Second Life is recreational, so of course I can squeeze in some SL time every now and again while I’m on holiday.

Shutterfield has a couple of rustic romantic outdoor creations that caught my attention. They’re currently on display at On9  but will of course be available from the Shutterfield main store once the event has ended.

While I was placing the Old Dock Ramp and Old Boat exactly where I wanted them, I got caught in heavy showers. My imagination allowed me to believe that it was the kind of rain that in the right company would be enjoyable and I remembered a scene from the 2005 movie Casanova… “Love? Love is something else. It’s the weather being good every day, because wind and rain are just another kind of good weather. That’s love.”

I think at some point in my life I must have been an old romantic at heart. Oy vey!

TMP Mesh Body and Mesh Head
Hair from lock&tuft and Aeros
Beard from Deadwool
Red swimming trunks from Noche

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