Dipping in my toes at aQua

The weather in Belgium has become quite fickle in this second week of my holiday. In the middle of a sudden very sunny spell you can find yourself in a freakishly local shower, just when you thought it was safe to remove your hoodie. I figured that if I was going to get wet in real life, I might as well head over to aQua in Second Life to see if that liquid little event has grown a bit since it’s previous edition.

After wandering around a bit, making a purchase and taking some pictures, I had a little rest in a club chair from Stockholm & Lima, which is kinda funny because I’ll be flying back to Stockholm at the end of this week… albeit not over Lima, unless the pilot makes some serious miscalculation. Enough jibber-jabbering! Lets take a closer look at some of the items our creative fellow SL residents are showcasing at this round of aQua.

aQua 2 -2
Left: Sharp brought a pair of running shorts with a towel worn round the shoulders and a fitness/music technical thingamabob to go on your upper arm. If it weren’t for the towel this would be just another pair of running shorts, but as a set I rather liked this creation.
Middle: A pair of playfully spooky sneakers from Cult. I suppose this could be interpreted as a little wink to the upcoming Halloween season, because it will be here before you can say bubble bubble toil and trouble ten times fast.
Right: While the focus at aQua definitely isn’t on interior or decor, there are a couple of items on offer like this rustic set from Merak, which ties in nicely with the travel theme that seems to be the somewhat loose fil rouge for this edition of aQua.

Participants (in alphabetical order cause I’m a quasi pedantic nerdy lill’ bitch):
Bee Designs, Beusy, Cult, Diamandis, Doux, Gaia, Identity, Kenny Rolands, Krescendo, Lybra, MadPea, Mai Bilavio, Merak, Mesh India, Moda, Saga, Seven, Sharp, Stockholm & Lima.

Conclusion: There seem to be even less participants than last time and less unisex or male items. I know this event is still a bit wet behind the ears, but I was expecting more of this edition. Better luck next time aQua!

Mesh body and mesh head by Signature.
Skin appliers by Stray Dog (note: the skin used on the mesh head is not currently available, but the body applier is).
Hair by Stealthic

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