Dressing the EXMACHINA mesh body

It’s time for a quicky, so just lay back, close your eyes and think of the motherland.

Left: Having recently purchased the EXMACHINA full avatar, I took another look at the Egoisme clothing line and was yet again baffled by the fact that much of their range bearing the “Exmachina” name wasn’t really made for this body. After trying on and discarding some items I eventually settled on a long t-shirt with a sexy diagonal zipper. I was able to make the fitmesh version work with some shape editing and paired it with the Broberry jeans and Chase sneakers from Deadwool.

Middle: From the current round of TMD I picked up a Tonktastic T-shirt and for something to combine it with I dove into my inventory and settled on the “Killer Pants” by Body Factory. To finish it off I simply changed the colours of the Deadwool sneakers.

Right: While I was at TMD I also picked up a new pair of chinos by Cold Ash and I then went over to the Cold Ash main store to see if they had something nice I could wear with them. I chose their “Sawyer” denim shirt as a suitable match and for shoes I went with the Deadwool “Dandy” shoes, by making the feet invisible and filling the tiny gap between the hem of the trousers and the top of the shoes with socks.

General impression: I tried on several items at TMD that simply don’t work with this body and I’m really missing some nice underwear options for it, so what the hell am I suppose to wear when I want to hang out at home and sing “today I don’t feel like doing anything”?

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