Sexy dining room in a mock Tudor house

When I was asked to furnish and decorate a dining room in a mock Tudor house I pounced on the opportunity, as I hadn’t worked with that particular style before. Luckily I was allowed to go for a design scheme which has a Tudor feel to it, without having to stick to items that were true to the actual Tudor period, because I would have been hard pressed to find enough high quality mesh pieces that fit that description.

The heavy Casolare table from The Loft wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb in an actual Tudor house, but the accompanying draped chairs give this dining room an elegant modern touch without being too dainty. The place settings, table runner and candles also belong to the Casolare set and you can get the vase with roses from Ariskea’s Markeplace store. For the Persian rug I got busy with a full perm mesh rug, a picture of an antique rug and underlying normal and specular textures to make it pop. I didn’t have to think long about which chandelier I was going to use here, as the Classic Chandelier from Fancy Decor is a perfect fit for this room.

Tudor Dining Room II blog
The owner of this home already made an excellent choice with the Apple Fall China Cabinet, which goes nicely with the Paris side table from ~Bazar~. A casual jug of Daffodils add a pop of colour while the fruit bowls and drinks tray with elder flower cordial suggest a healthy lifestyle (all from Apple Fall). The frame for the painting is from Fancy Decor and originally had a landscape in it (I think) but I’ve replaced it with a classic male nude.

Tudor Dining Room III blog
This room needed something like the N4RS Bombe chest for storing silverware and table linens and as it’s the adult version, it adds a bit of spice to the space along with the sexy contemporary male nude paintings. Meanwhile the Birdcage Candles from Tartessos Arts cast a pleasing glow in this corner and the French Horn Planter from Dust Bunny was the perfect gacha item to add a touch of opulence to the scene.

Tudor Dining Room IV blog
This is not a very typical traditional dining room and it should not come as a surprise that it has a little cosy corner, which you might call a reading nook. However, the N4RS Dixon Wingback chair that lives in this corner is rather naughty, so I’m not sure that much reading will get done between dinner and hanky panky. The Recycled Ladder Bookshelf” from DaD DESIGN has a built-in light so it will be useful no matter what position you find yourself in. Should you for any reason find yourself on the floor at this side of the room then the Highland Hide Rug from The Loft is sure to offer some comfort. If you want to keep things PG, you can always nibble on a muffin and sip a cup of tea from Apple Fall which you will find waiting for you on a robust little side table from No Concept.

Tudor Dining Room V blog

Like the ladder bookshelf, the Apple Fall Masculine Bar adds another rustic touch to the room. I stocked it with some nicely aged Dutchie wine so all I had to do was throw in the Roquefort Cheese Slate by Artisan Fantasy and I had myself a delightful wine and cheese evening. I admit that after all that, I still may have polished off a piece of the Apple Fall Fig & Blackberry Cake, because it was just so tempting. The frame and picture light are also from Apple Fall but I did replace the original artwork with somethings that’s in line with the male nude theme we’ve got going on in this dining room. To finish this corner and inject more formal atmosphere, I used Theory’s Chippendale Cabinet and Imari Bowl and Plates, but I replaced the texture of the cupboard doors at the bottom of this cabinet.

As I didn’t want to block the views of the garden or stop the daylight from coming in, I chose some low items to place by the windows:

Tudor Dining Room VI blog

  • Elah Tufted Soft Bench from Aria (tinted red to fit the colour scheme).
  • Apple Fall Wooden Trunk (with a re-textured throw, cause the original looked too dishevelled).
  • Apple Fall Roses Jug (gacha item).
  • Light Our Way Candle from Random Matter.

I wasn’t sure at the start of this project where it was going to take me, but things started to get clear as soon as I tinted the wallpaper a rich dark red and found the dining table and chairs at The Loft. After that, filling in the gaps wasn’t difficult. I could have loaded the table, dresser and bar with more food and items, but there was a prim count to keep track off. I used a total of 132 prims, which isn’t too bad considering how much things there are to look at in this room. Right! And now time for some TV… Hmmm, an episode of The Tudors perhaps?

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