Taking Jake to Fameshed

Occasionally I like a challenge, like dressing a new mesh body or decorating a room in a style I haven’t tried before, but sometimes I just want things to be nice and easy, like popping on the Belleza Jake mesh body and breezing through this month’s round of Fameshed, focusing only on the men’s items and just getting some goodies for myself.

First to catch my eye were the JogJeans shorts by Dufuax. They stick to my ass like maple syrup to a pancake and possibly are just as sweet. They ride up de crack a bit, but the texturing is exquisite with nice details like the buttons, rivets and drawstrings and some subtle signs of wear and tear. The back pockets are somewhat on the small side but the “package” is nicely defined. Overall a very nice effort from Dufaux. You can also wear these shorts with the Aesthetic or Signature mesh body.

showing off at the pier I blog
Another thing that clings to my buttocks like a second skin are the Wade Denims by Riot. I persuaded myself to get the fatpack, but to be honest between some of the shades the difference is just a tad too subtle. On the positive side, these jeans really remind me of the art of Tom of Finland in the way they do something to my gluteus maximus which defies gravity. The crotch on the other hand seems underdeveloped, but I suppose you can’t always have it all. Each colour includes a normal and a skinny version and a hud for changing the belt and hardware. These jeans also work with the Adam, Signature and Slink mesh body. The orange belt went nicely with the Low Top Sneakers by L&B Swear. These are not available as a single colour version, but for L$ 699 you get 18 colours, which is quite generous. Apart from a pair for the Belleza body, you also get versions for the Signature, Slink and Aesthetic body as well as a non-rigged pair.

showing off at the pier III blog
Etham pulled me in with the old school look of their Letterman Jacket. It’s available in the range of colours we are used to from Etham and even when you go for a single colour version, you still get a hud to change the t-shirt, buttons and stripes. It also works with the Signature, Slink, TMP and NX-Nardcotix mesh bodies as well as classic avatars. I’m combining it here with the Riot jeans in white, which work very well with it.

showing off at the pier IV blog
Ascend charmed me with their Anton leather jacket complete with optional shirt, tie or bow tie. A hud lets you chose from a bunch of colours for the shirt and contains a number of patterns for the tie, bow tie and elbow patches. If you want to make it easy to find a pair of trousers to go with this jacket, I suggest you check out the Ascend main store. Their latest designs work with Adam, Belleza, Signature, Slink and TMP bodies

I left it late to visit Fameshed this round, as it will be ending on September 27th. Darn you real life! How dare you interrupt my SL shopping experience with real holidays, touchable friends and actual family! But of course, if you’ve missed it, most of these items will be showing up at the creators’ main stores eventually.

As I sit here in my laundry day outfit of sweatpants and an old tatty shirt, and look at these pictures of my virtual alter ego, I cannot help but wonder if Neo perhaps would have taken the blue pill if his fake life in The Matrix hadn’t been so dull. On the other hand, for all intends and purposes, I’m my avatars sugar daddy and I’m sure I would not enjoy being completely dependent on someone. It would be interesting if they did a remake of Pretty Lady with a male prostitute though. Then again, maybe Billy goes places and sees people while I’m offline. Maybe it’s more like Toy Story! Maybe I should log off and watch another episode of Game of Thrones. Maybe…

Mesh body: “Jake” by Belleza.
Mesh head & eyes: “Stanley” by Catwa.
Skin: Face applier “Arthur” for Catwa and body applier for Belleza both by Stray Dog.
Hair: Reach by Stealthic.
Mesh ears: Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala.

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