A bit of texturing fun

It is difficult to predict whether support for Egoisme’s Exmachina full avatar will gather any momentum. Of course it has only been officially out since a couple of weeks, but right now the options are very limited. I did another search on “exmachina” in Marketplace earlier today and found a full perm tank top complete with shorts. I would have preferred a separate top and bottom, but seeing how little there is available for this body, I pounced on it like a bored cat on an old mouse. After all, it was only L$ 50 and gave me an excuse to try my hand at texturing. For the top I went for a mixed blue fabric with white polka dots and for the shorts I stuck with a simple dark blue linen. This outfit won’t be turning any heads, but at least I have something suitable for those beach bum days with the lean mean sex machine… I mean the Exmachina full avatar.

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