More “sex machine” at the beach

Sometimes I can be like a dog with a bone (pun very much intended). In this case it means that I’m bloody well going to dress Egoisme’s EXMACHINA full avatar even if it kills me! I’ve feverishly rummaged around in my virtual closet for a while again and unearthed a pair of tropical shorts from Sakide with a triumphant “aha!”. The medium size works nicely, if I hold my breath and clench my ass, because posture is everything my dear. Posture! All joking aside, it’s not a bad fit. You can just wear these and go for a swim or hang out at the beach, or pair them with another quasi vintage SL piece like the Centelli tank top by Horr and it becomes something suitable for a day at the park. In that case, you will be needing shoes and I was very pleased to find that the unrigged version of the Low Top Sneakers by L&B Swear, work quite well with this body’s difficult to manage feet. You can still get these sneakers at Fameshed till September 27th and I suspect they will be at the L&B main store soon after. Admittedly the tank top is a bit loose on the shoulders and has some slight clipping issues around the shoulder blades, but all in all I can live with this happy-go-lucky, not a care in the world, colourful little ensemble.

Mesh body with fixed head: Egoisme – Exmachina
Hair: Reach by Stealthic.
Mesh ears: Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala.

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