First update of the Exmachina avatar

Egoisme’s EXMACHINA full avatar has been out for a couple of weeks now, but the creator and his (reluctant?) scripter have been working on an update already, which landed in my inventory yesterday… and shortly after another one… and today another one. How delightfully disorganised!

The first thing I noticed when I put on the body, was that the rigging issues with the thighs and feet had been fixed. These body parts respond to the shape sliders now, where as with the previous version nothing was happening no matter in which direction I shoved those sliders. The proportions aren’t ideal though. If I push the leg muscles all the way to 100%, the thighs get ridiculously chunky while the calves remain slender in comparison. The ankle is much more elegant now, but perhaps a bit too delicate. What I find more disappointing are the lines that have appeared in the skin all of a sudden. There seems to be a box around the abs and a seam on the lower back. The visible seam above the ankle, which was already an issue with the first release, is still there too. At this point it might look better with some stitches around these peculiar edges so it becomes more of a Frankenstein look for Halloween. Oh and yes, I know Frankenstein is the name of the mad doctor, not the human jigsaw puzzle.
This body is now Omega compatible, but none of the Omega skins I have wanted to stick to it, so lets wait and see if someone starts creating some skins for it. The hud is still suffering from occasional hiccups and with the latest update I don’t seem to be able to adjust the shininess. Oh well, it probably will be raining updates again sooner or later.

Exmachina Update I-2 blog

I was quite excited tot see that the new package contained a couple of thongs but then rather disappointed that they were unrigged and it took some work to get them to sorta kinda almost but not really fit. Hopefully underwear that is made for this body is just around the corner. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (cause we have bento now).

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