A Signature Look II

Signature’s designer has been quite the busy little bee, updating and improving both the Gianni mesh body and head as well as the huds for these two, increasing their user-friendliness and functionality. You can find a detailed change log and helpful information on http://www.signature-sl.fr. The body sells for L$ 3.500 and the head for L$ 3.500 as well.
The body now comes in four parts: upper body, lower body, arms and legs. While this may sound a bit gruesome in a “Game of Thrones” kind of way, you will find this useful when you are dressed up to the nines with most definitely somewhere to go and need to keep your complexity as low as possible. If your legs completely covered, you may as well leave them at home. Even with all the parts attached, the overall complexity of the body has come down, which is always good news.

As for the visual aspect, I much approve of the well executed subtle changes. The hands have become more elegant and I can easily imagine those long fingers tickling the ivories with the finesse of a virtuoso pianist, while still looking masculine. And perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I do believe our boy seems to be having just a tiny bit more junk in the trunk. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a voluptuous badonkadonk, but at the very least his bottom appears to be slightly rounder.

As something to kick your Signature experience off with, the basic skin for the body and head isn’t too shabby at all. Obviously sticking with this skin will stop you from reaching a higher level of individuality, but it’s’ quite crisp with very nice muscle definition and comes in 12 tones. There are several  options for hair bases, eyebrows and beards too. You can of course shop around for something interesting, like slashed eyebrows (VYC Homme) and body hair (Nivaro*) to give your look a bit of an edge. The head now comes with its own eyes, but I favor the Vermeer mesh eyes. Of course you can create your own shape and before you know it, the standard Gianni will be but a ghost and you’ll say hello to a ruggedly handsome green-eyed mysterious man! Some of the Signature hair bases work well as a buzz cut, but hairstyles can have a huge impact on your look (as in real life). The windswept “Hysteria” hairstyle by Stealthic is all the buzz right now, so don’t expect much individuality when you start rocking it, but at least it looks bloody amazing in my (ahem) modest opinion.

Keep your eyes pealed for more “Signature Looks” posts, cause I’ve been busy trying skins and pushing those shape editing sliders around. Now however, I really need to take a nap.

Signature 4.3

* The body hair used in these shots comes with a Nivaro skin and cannot be purchased separately.

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