Men Only Hunt Is Up and We’re Running

The Men Only Hunt is up and running! Or rather it is up and we are running. It’s the 10th edition of this hunt organised by Flair for Events and just as with my previous experience with this hunt, even before having unpacked as much as one item, I could tell that the contributors are among the best of what SL has to offer for male avatars.

Pick up the Hunt Hud at the Flair For Events office and start hunting to your heart’s content. You have until 28th October so get cracking because you’ve gotta catch them all… Wait, isn’t that another hunt?

Now comes the fun part for myself: unpacking, trying things on, taking pictures and commenting. Ready. Steady… GO!

  • !NFINITY – Byzantine Necklace: This little beauty is simple yet intricate and comes with a hud that lets you switch between steal, silver, gold and platinum.
  • VYC Homme – Stitches: If you like the rough-and-ready look, you may enjoy the stitched up scars from VYC Homme. The package includes Catwa and Omega appliers as well as tattoo layers for classic avatars and you can choose to have the scar on the right, left or both sides of your face.
  • Secrets – Scale Neckless: This necklace is more dainty then the one I showed earlier, but a very nice effort from Secrets. There’s no hud this time but separate black, copper, silver, dark silver, gold and rose gold versions.
  • +BeBop+ – nose piercing RAGE: This nose piercing is not for the faint-hearted and certainly is NOT one of those little discreet nose rings that are hardly noticed. The package contains a black, copper, silver and gold version.
    All shown on Catwa Stanley mesh head with Belleza Jake mesh body and Stealthic  Obscura hair.

MOH10_7DS_Soul_Facade blog

  • 7 Deadly S(k)ins – Mitch: I definitely welcomed this Omega applier to try out on the Signature mesh head and body and I’m  pleased with how it worked out after some shape editing.
  • Soul – Draglien Eyes: I suppose that’s “drag” as in an dragon as apposed to Rue Paul? I’m sure this is the perfect gift for this time of the year, as a pair of novelty eyes could be just what a Halloween party look needs to finish it off. I counted 6 shades. The packages includes mesh eyes, appliers for other mesh eyes such as the ones from Catwa and yes indeed, also system eyes.
  • Facade – Kill Em With Kindness: I like the sweet ironic bitterly murderous undertone of this neck tattoo. There’s a Signature, Catwa and Omega applier as well as a classic avatar tattoo.
    All shown on the Signature Gianni mesh head and body with the Hysteria hairstyle from Stealthic and briefs from 4BIDDEN.

MOH10_Wetcat_Alter_K_KS blog

  • ALTER – Brian Boxers: Oh be still my fluttering heart! It’s undewear! O.K. so they are not the best boxer shorts SL has to offer, but I’m still happy with these. My SL underwear drawer is already overflowing with jockstraps, thongs and assless briefs, so I appreciate adding something “normal” to the mix. The package contains a hud with 5 textures and versions for the Signature, TMP and Slink mesh bodies as well as a generic fitmesh version.
  • WetCat – Pose: I swear there’s an increase of cigarette smoking and gun swinging in SL and I’m not a fan.
  • K – Fluffy Scarf: Winter is coming! And that’s not just a phrase from Game Of Thrones but very much a reality were I live in real life. In Sl however, I get away with wearing this great big fluffy scarf with nothing but a pair of boxers, because I can.
  • K&S – Opposition pose: This couples pose got me wondering what we were arguing about. Probably the fact that I’m wearing boxers and a scarf. Everyone’s a critic!
    The other model in the shot is wearing the Lelutka Andrea mesh head and the Belleza Jake mesh body with a face and body applier from Clef De Peau, which is also available at the Lelutka store. His hair is from Stealthic.


  • Obscure – Wolfmoon necklace: I like the sculpted wolf in this pendant but I’m not too sure about the moon and star.
  • 7mad;Ravens – Bugged Out Cuff: While I do applaud 7mad;Ravens for having a sense of humor, personally I will have no use for these cuffs.
  • Rebellion – bullet necklace: This doesn’t score any point for originality, but the execution is very nice… Bullet… Execution. That’s funny!

That’s it for my first batch of goodies from the Men Only Hunt. I’ll be back with more soon. Happy hunting!

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