Men Only Hunt is up and we’re still running

I showed you my first batch of prised goods from the Men Only Hunt and I’m back to flaunt some more of this (glorious) free stuff. Let me just remind you first that you can pick up the hud for this hunt at the Flair For Events office and that you have until 28th October to find all the goodies. So what you’re waitin’ for! Run like the wind blows and go raid those shops! But could you read this blog post first and maybe click that like button pretty please? Or just look at the pictures. That’ll work.

  • [BAD HAIR DAY] – Irusu hairstyle: I had trouble making something off this. I like the idea of this hairstyle, but again I find myself wishing more creators would take a leaf out of Stealthic’s book and approach the hair roots with a little finesse. On the plus side, the package did include a version flipped to the other side. Having options is always a plus
  • Since 1975 – Condom: Bad hair day or not, the condom from Since 1975 seems to suggest a certain level of confidence, or is hopefulness? I do hope this prophylactic hasn’t been in someone’s wallet since 1975, which probably was around the last time anybody ever called it a prophylactic.
  • Body Factory – Fusion bracelet: They got the idea right for this bracelet, but they are letting themselves down with their texture choices. That cheap looking gold is FULL BRIGHT! Same thing with the silver version. It’s a shame, because not long ago I bought a pair of jeans from Body Factory that works well with the NX-Nardcotix body and I was quite happy with those. I feel this gift does not represent the quality you can expect from this house.
    Shown on the TMP mesh body and head with their own skin.

MOH10_Aitui_ Chuck-Size_Agata blog

  • Aitui – The Gentleman coat and t-shirt: You can easily show up for a casual day of posh shopping in this sophisticated quasi hipster combo of a coat and t-shirt, nobody will suspect it was a freebie. This one works with Signature, Slink and TMP mesh bodies. I’m combining these with a pair of jeans from Riot and sneakers from Deadwool.
  • Animosity – Jhamal pack: I’m showing off the Aitui coat using one of the animations from this pack
  • Chuck Size – T-shirt: With this basic tee from Chuck Size you can’t go wrong bro. Whether you’re Signature, Belleza, Slink, Adam or TMP, you’ll be saying W’sup! without even opening your mouth.
  • Agata – Dana Dot Pants: These are so much fun! I wish they were all lit bit tighter round the waist, but I love the silly yet stylish dots and the drawstring is a very nice detail. With these pants you get versions for the Signature, Slink and TMP meshbodies as well as one for classic avatars.
    All is shown on the Signature Gianni mesh body and head with hair and hat from Burley and skin from Stray Dog.

That’s it for this instalment of my Men Only Hunt soap. Stay tuned for the next episode.

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