More Men Only Hunt Goodies!

Billy Beaverhausen calls your over with a conspiring “hey, psssst, come’ere.” He let’s you get closer and then yells: “THE MEN ONLY HUNT IS ON!” making your ears ring.
Go on then, go pick up the hud at the Flair For Events office. It’ll make the hunt easier. Now we’ve got that part out of the way again, let me get back to unpacking all this tchotchke. Oh by the way, if the occasional use of a Yiddish word makes you wonder if I’m Jewish, the answer to that is: no, I’m gay, I watched The Nanny religiously.

MOH10-GoSee-Invictus-LegalInsanity blog

  • Go See – Catwa eyes applier: When I applied these to the rigged Catwa eyes, I thought the iris was a bit too small, so I tried it on the unrigged Catwa eyes instead and made them bigger, so now they work for me. The hud includes four shades.
  • Invictus – Glasses: This is not the best pair of shades in SL, but not the worst either. You get three colour version in the box and I’m wearing the blue one here. Funny detail: one of the temples of the black version is actually blue.
  • Legal Insanity – Zen necklace and bracelet: I had a hard time making the necklace work. It just kept cutting into my neck or my chest. The bracelet was relatively hassle free though and I can see this going very nicely with some of the jeans shirts with rolled up sleeves I’ve got in my wardrobe. Then why am I naked?

MOH10 Identify Nardcotix Illi blog

  • Identity Body Shop – Remember Pain tattoo: Yes, it is yet another tattoo, but I really like the intricate details and how it’s just on one leg. The seams don’t align perfectly, but anyone who’s looking that closely will probably be riding my leg at that point (dogs will be dogs). There’s an Omega applier and specific appliers for the Belleza and TMP mesh bodies as well as classic tattoo layers.
  • NX-Nardcotix – Finlay backback: I already got myself one of these, but I’m pleased to see a new texture on this beautifully constructed backpack. Naturally it works well with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, but there is also a fitmesh and an unrigged version included as well a “static” version, without straps which is meant to be rezzed as decor (4 li). O.K. so the straps stand away from my body quite a bit, but you win some, you lose some.
  • ILLI – Jake canvas sneakers: Illi does not disappoint with these extremely well textured canvas high top sneakers. It will be tricky to find trousers that don’t clip with these, but thankfully they look good with a pair of shorts. The package contains sizes for Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, TMP, Signature and Slink mesh bodies.

MOH10_Messange_NU_Nivaro_PBM_Stitched blog

  • Messange – Quartz eyes: These eyes are so vibrant they’re scary, but in a beautiful way. They didn’t just pop into place and it took a couple of minutes of resizing (using the hud) and shifting (using edit mode) to make them look right. They’ve been enlarged overall, but a little extra along the Y-axis to make them wider to nicely fill my eye sockets.
  • Native Urban – beanie: I like a beanie in the same way I like seasonal sims, but I wish this one had some texture options and hair. It’s difficult to create a nice tight fit around the ears with something like this.
  • Nivaro – Tribal stubble: Perhaps when you’re having a kilt day, you can go full monty and give yourself this tribal stubble to finish off the look. The box contains Catwa, Omega and Signature appliers, each with 4 shades + a white version to tint with your head’s hud. Clan McBeaverhausen sounds good.
  • PBM – Sneakers: When I put these shoes on, they were pointing in different directions and it took quite some futzing to get them were they are supposed to be. Isn’t it a little late to offer a pair of shoes in an unrigged version only, even as a hunt gift? The texturing isn’t too bad though.
  • Stitched – Gerren Tunic: This is rather interesting. I’m not sure if I’ll ever wear this, but there must be some roleplay uses for it, right? I’m not familiar with Stitched and can’t remember if they have trousers to wear with this, butfor the purpose of this demonstration I’m keeping things breezy. The original was grey when I put it on, but there’s a hud that lets you tint or remove various parts of the outfit. Fitmesh and standar sizing versions are included.

MOH10 Petrof-Yassum-Taox

  • Petroff – Sports Watch: That’s a rather posh time piece. It’s difficult to wear a classy watch with a suit in SL, because sleeves will just mostly cover it up and clash with it, but as this a sporty model, you could easily wear it with a more casual outfit… like a tank top and underpants.
  • Yassum – Urban FU bracelet: I thought I’d stay with the wrists a bit longer to show this bracelet. It is very well made, with exquisite details and excellent texture choices, but the engraving is not to my taste. The package comes with left and right versions.
  • Taox – Dear Devil tattoo: I believe this is the last tattoo of the bunch and it also seems to be the most radical one. It’s nice to go out with a bang.
  • Volkstone – Tyler facial hair: that’s a nice understated bit of scruff and Volkstone helps us out with a Catwa and an Omega applier.

All of the above is shown on the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body and the Catwa Stanley mesh head with the Clef de Peau Ivo skin and the Stealthic Haunting hairstyle.

MOH10_White City_NSS_Razor_Zex blog

  • White City – Ragnar shape for Lelutka head and Belleza body: I prefer to make my own shapes, but I can appreciate what they’ve created for the combination of this particular head and body. In combination with the Clef de Peau skin “Clint” skin, it creates a young somewhat cheeky looking avatar.
  • No Shirt Sherlock – Nobody cares t-shirt: There are stylist that will tell you that after a certain age you’re too old to be wearing shirts wit a novelty print on them… Meh. This avi looks young anyway. You can wear this t-shirt with the Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.
  • Razor – Vice sleeveless T-shirt: The printed t-shirt fun continues with this nice doggy. You can wear this top with the Belleza, Slink, Aesthetic and TMP mesh bodies.
  • ZEX – Emelio poloshirt: This is a very good example of a simple item of clothing that’s been very well executed. The colour goes very well with the extremely ginger look I created last week, but what I appreciate most is the fine fabric texture and they way it fits like a glove. I hardly needed the alpha hud at all. The package includes standard sizing versions as well as sizes for specific bodies such as Signature, Belleza, Slink, Aesthetic, NX-Nardcotix, Adam and TMP.

All of the above is shown on the Belleza Jake mesh body and the Lelutka Andrea mesh head with the Clef de Peau Clint skin and the Stealthic Narcotic hairstyle.

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