The Men Only Hunt keeps on giving

I’m going to be incredibly presumptuous and assume you have seen my previous posts in which I have been showing off bits and pieces from the Men Only Hunt. So I’ll keep the introduction short, tell you that you can pick up the hud at the Flair For Events office and jump straight back into the show & tell side of things.

  • Avi-Glam –  Cold Day eyes: These eyes aren’t particularly exquisite, but  their realistic colouring and texture make them a very nice upgrade from beginner eyes. Any newbies starting out in SL at this very moment, really should get stuck in and grab whatever they can from this hunt. The package contains a pair of mesh eyes with a hud, as well as Omega and Catwa appliers.
  • Birth – Bushy eyebrows: They really aren’t all that bushy, but I appreciate having yet another tintable option for eyebrows.
  • Body Mod – Rolo beard: Strangely when I put on this beard it applied to the beard layer as well as the make-up layer of the Gianni mesh head and looked much too full and dark for my liking. As soon as I cleared one of these two layers, I found what was left behind much more acceptable. A beard applier like this can also sometimes come in handy to combine with a mesh beard. The package contains Catwa, Lelutka and Omega appliers in black and tintable versions.
  • Cheeky – Kanji hairbase and tattoo: This is a nice full hair base with an interesting faded effect on the neck. Sadly, while it is possible to wear the tattoo separately, the hair base cannot be worn without it. In the applier hud you will find Catwa and Omega buttons.

MOH10 Daze Dufaux Endless Pain Etham

  • Dazed – Refused neck tattoo: O.K. at this point it’s fair to point out that the tattoo parlours in SL are very well represented in this hunt so please excuse me for feeling a bit underwhelmed. Catwa and Omega appliers included.
  • Endless Pain – Tiamat tattoo: Oh look, more tattoos! At least it’s a pair of sleeves this time, that’s slightly more impressive, but I’ve seen sharper ones in SL. Includes specific appliers for TMP, Slink and Signature, an Omega applier and classic avatar tattoo layer.
  • Dufaux – lava trunks: The red lines fade in and out, suggesting a flow of red hot lava underneath the cracked surface. It’s a very interesting idea but the trunks look a little lumpy. Then again, lava is lumpy, so perhaps Dufaux got it just right after all. There was a bento “devil” tail with this, but it was rigged and placed too high up for my liking. If I’m wearing a tail then I want it to be just above my butt cheeks, not three vertebrae higher up.
  • Grafica – Gwrido poses: I’m using one of the poses in this pack to pose with the Dufaux trunks and Endless Pain tattoo.
  • Etham – Knight Cross necklace: This one can join my collection of not very well fitting necklaces with a cross (note to self: start cleaning inventory now).

MOH10 Gild 187

  • Gild – Key necklace: There is something charmingly disarming about this simple key necklace. Possibly it just triggers personal nostalgic feelings.
  • #187# – Etnic Wood Necklace: there sure isn’t anything dainty about these huge wooden balls. If you were looking for a necklace that makes a statement from a distance, then I think you just found yourself one. I’m not particularly wowed by it, but I recognise decent digital craftsmanship when I see.

MOH10 Ducknipple Outliner LockTuft

  • Ducknipple – Sweater: I like the colour scheme and the print but the shape of this sweater is very unflattering. This seems to be Ducknipple’s house style and I assume there is a market for it, but it’s not for me. For one thing, I can’t make it work with my wrists or hands and there were only stardard sizing non-fitmesh versions in the box for this one.
  • Outliner – Paramour cap: I like the cap, I like the roses, I’m not sure how I feel about walking around with the word Paramour on my head, even if it has been split in two unnecessarily. What’s next? Lover boy?
  • Lock & Tuft – Cosmo beanie: The advantage of hair with a beanie is that it doesn’t matter what the roots look like. There’s lots of choice with this one, with some colours for the beanie and tie but more importantly, so many hair colour choices you could dye our hair a different colour every day and it would last you several weeks.

Everything is shown on the Signature Gianni mesh head and body using Stray Dog skins with Mandala mesh ears and hairstyles by Stealthic.

I’m starting to remember how time consuming it was to blog about so many of the items in the previous MOH. I think I’m developing a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. Bedtime now! Billy over & out.

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