Fabulous Freebies IX

Flicking through Flickr for interior design inspiration and, more importantly, for clues that would point me into the direction of furniture I hadn’t seen yet, I came across an image that referred to a brand named “Lagom” which in turn took me to an event I wasn’t familiar with. It’s called The Seasons Story and the current round lasts until October 31st. I had no idea what I was going to find there and a great number of the items on sale were of no particular interest to myself, but I’m sure the ladies will find plenty of lovely goods to get their eager little hands on. It took me a little while to notice that there were actually gift boxes at some of the stands. I sorted through these and made a little nonsensical scene of it combined with a couple of decor pieces from the Men Only Hunt, which is on now till October 28th. You can get the helpful hut and hints for that hunt from the Flair For Events Office.

From The Seasons Story: Autumn Tray by Krescendo, “Day Dream” Shadow Box by Acorn, Bottle & Bowl by Cherry House, Bottle Lamp by Anxiety, Cement Blocks by Candy Crushers.
From Men Only Hunt: Darts Board by Bad Unicorn, Pumpkins prop from the “Oh My Gourd” pose by Le Poppycock, Finlay Backback by NX-Nardcotix.

I’d say that’s a lovely little pile of goodies and I’ll definitely will be using some of it. The backpack, which looks more like a classic schoolbag already found a place by a desk in a house I’m working on at the moment and that bottle (or jar) and stack of bowls will find a spot in the kitchen at my Farnsworth house. The pumkins probably will end up on the porch and those cement blocks will come in hand in future to display other goodies.

Happy hunting and gift collecting y’all!

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