Holy Halloween Hunts!

The cray cray game creators  at MadPea have been at it again and I mean that in the best possible way of course. They have put together another hunt that’s going to be legend… wait for it… ary. This time you can hunt for mysteriously glowing orbs, evil looking shadows, whirling objects suggesting poltergeist activity and possibly some other things I haven’t come across yet because I only just got started. You need a hud to play, which costs L$ 100 and can be picked up at Mad City. The mayhem runs from October 19th until November 2nd 2017 and to add to the sense of fun and friendly competition, you are randomly assigned to a colour coded team. You can find more detailed information on the MadPea website. Perhaps what I enjoy the most about these hunts is how the MadPea group chat tends to go a little bit, well, mad. There is also a sense of adventure as anybody with a bit land can purchase the hunt objects and put them out for people to find, so naturally this hunt will take you to the four corners of the grid. From dainty to seedy and from classy to trashy, you will have seen it all. At the end you can exchange your points for some excellent prizes and though I haven’t actually checked them out yet, because I’m fixated on earning those points, if the previous hunts are anything to go by, the goodies are going to be pretty fine, like your great great great-granddaughter in the year 3000. Damn it, Busted! Get out of my head! Don’t you just hate it when an early 2000’s pop song gets stuck in your head because a radio station decided to play a “classic”. Anyway, great prizes shall soon be joining my ever growing inventory and meanwhile the hunt has already coughed up some small direct prizes, such as a bale of straw to sit on, a creepy skull with a candle to mount on your wall, a set of tealight holders in the shape of leaves, wooden cat profiles and a funny owl sign. The next couple of weeks are going to be so much fun!


  • Head: Mike mesh head by Akeruka
  • Body: Deluxe mesh body by TMP
  • Skin: Akeruka (original skin for Mike head + TMP body applier that comes with the head)
  • Hair: Hysteria by Stealthic
  • Overalls by Gild
  • Sneakers by Not So Bad

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