Give the man some shorts!

There has been another release of the Exmachina full avatar by Egoisme and several small issues were resolved, but to be fair I wasn’t really aware of them. Apparently with the previous version there still were some problems with Omega appliers, but the skins I tried on the body so far applied nicely to it. The nipples are somewhat displaced but apart from that I think the body looks positively eatable with for example the Ivar skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins. Also the hand poses were not working as they should, but this has now been resolved. Other fixes are of such a technical nature I really can’t be bothered to mention them but I do welcome continuous improvements and see these as a positive sign that the creator is taking his project seriously.

More importantly, there now is a nice pair of shorts available just for this body, which you can wear with or without the new tank top also made for the Exmachina avatar. The shorts and tank top are L$ 350 each and for that you get both of these items in 10 different colours. Spicy detail: the shorts react to the shape slider for the so-called “package” (#duffelbag!). Meanwhile the body is still the same price as it was at its initial launch, which is L$ 3.990.


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