Ciao Giorgio

If you liked the initial look of Egoisme’s “Exmachina” full avatar but thought it could do with some extras, like something skimpy to wear and maybe a skin with a bit more oomph, then perhaps you need to go take another look. There now is, as shown in a previous blog post, a nice fitting pair of gym shorts and a tank top, but you can also get a new skin named Giorgio with stronger muscle definition and lighter eyebrows. The difference with the standard skin isn’t enormous but certainly noticeable. The Giorgio skin is only available in 4 skin tones, which is somewhat on the anaemic side where choice is concerned, but luckily for me I personally rather fancy the medium skin tone. I hope Egoisme will carry over some of their old Evian skin range to this new mesh body. Naturally I also hope that other skin developers will turn their attention to this body, because although there already are some choices out there, I think we all prefer it if the nipples in the skin line up with the nipples in the mesh. The biggest advantage this body has going for it at the moment, is that with a one-stop shopping trip you can get yourself a mesh body with its own mesh head and an extra skin. In an increasingly complex Second Life, there is something to be said for this simplicity.

  • The Giorgio skin is L$ 500 for one skin tone, including a shape and brow shape (wearing my own shape in the picture)
  • The shorts are L$ 350, including a texture change hud with 10 colour options
  • The body is L$ 3.990
  • I’m using Vermeer eyes, Burley hair with a hat and Mandala ears.
  • Make sure to put on the body’s hud when you apply the skin, as I found that when I didn’t do this, I was unable to apply it.

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