More goodies from the ghosties

The fun continues with  Madpea’s Halloween Ghost Hunt, as I frantically zip across the grid from one beautiful sim to another not quite so enticing one, hunting down those glowing orbs and signs of poltergeist activity like an exorcist on speed. I’m far from being a top scorer, but it’s great fun and I’m sure to end up with some really nice prizes with the points I’ll manage to earn. Meanwhile the little friendliest ghosts of the bunch have been tossing me some little direct prizes again.

I won’t tell you were exactly you can get any of the goodies shown in this picture, because I’m too busy hunting! It’s so easy to get carried away with this kind of thing. The bleep bleep of the hud you need to join this hunt, keeps encouraging me to go find those ghosts and silence them.  Naturally I feel obliged to obey. Join in and head over to Mad City now to pick up your hud. It’s only 100 L$ and the hunt lasts till November 2nd. Happy Halloween hunting!

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