I’m afraid of no ghosts

It’s hard to believe that this is already the second weekend I’ve been hunting MadPea ghosts. The hunt will be over soon! We only have until November 2nd to hunt to our hearts content… our bloody ripped out hearts content. I still haven’t chosen any prizes, because it is my habit to leave that till the very end. However, I have picked up some more instant prizes along the way, like an elaborated church yard scene from Come Soon, a little shoulder pet ghost and a cherry to wear on my head both from MadPea and slime splattered tank top from Razor.

MadPea Halloween Hunt V - goodies 2 blog

I think it is still worth picking up the hud for the MadPea Halloween Hunt at the time that I’m writing this. If you have some free time on your hands in the coming four days, for L$100 you can have a lot of fun, discover sims you haven’t seen before and get social in the MadPea group chat. You should be able to get enough points to choose some smaller prizes or one bigger prize and you are bound to find some of the direct prizes too while you are at it. You can get the hud at Mad City. Happy hunting!

Other credits

  • Mesh head Mike by Akeruka
  • Deluxe mesh body by TMP
  • Skin by Akeruka: standard skin for the Mike head + applier for the TMP body which is supplied with the head.
  • Hair by Stealthic
  • Jeans by TMP
  • Ascendant Wings
  • Coat wrapped around waist: gacha item at Gabriel

P.S.: At this point I wouldn’t advise anyone to get the Deluxe mesh body from TMP, not until they have actually updated it to the bento skeleton, but that doesn’t mean I will stop using mine. It still looks pretty damn fine, even if the hands don’t move and it has limited skin choices.

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