Extended Outdoorsiness

When I moved from not so sunny Belgium to somewhat colder Sweden, I noticed that people here are more invested in the idea of using their gardens, patios and balconies later in the season, aided by various types of outdoor heating. Slowly but surely the typical Swedish indoor cosiness has found its way to what you could call outdoor living spaces. Garden furniture has become more lush and patio heaters have been popping up everywhere, including Stockholm city where a semi-covered and heated terrace has become quite the crowd pleaser for some bars and restaurants. While I spend much of my time in Second Life at seasonal sims, I like to pretend that the climate in my virtual life is somewhat milder than what reality is serving me at this time of the year, allowing my avi to spend time outdoors in a shirtless “outfit” without freezing my tits off.

I created a cosy cuddle corner with the outdoor fireplace, chaise and basket with some extra blankets all from Shutter Field, a furniture store that constantly makes the thoughtful choice to offer a “Male/Male” version of both their PG and Adult items, making it one of the places you certainly must check out if you’re a man in the market for furniture and just happen to be attracted to other men. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into your future ex husband while you’re choosing a new bed.

Other Credits

  • Left Avatar: Body and head by Signature, skin by Stray Dog, hair by Stealthic, sweatpants by Noche.
  • Right Avatar: Body and head by TMP, skin by Clef de Peau, hair by Aeros, sweatpants by TMP, scarf by ::K::.
  • The apple cider tray, box of cookies, crate and pumpkins are all from the autumn collection at What Next.

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