Adieu Gizza, Welcome Giz Seorn

Gizza was one of the first stores I got to know as a newbie, because it was a veritable treasure trove for group gifts. Many of those seemed high quality to my then still young virtual eyes, but some of them I still use occasionally now, as they are far from hopelessly outdated. The brand has been around for 9 years and it’s creator has decided to tackle a rebranding exercise, going forward under her own name, Giz Seorn. The store has been extensively refurbished, resulting in a warmer more earthy look and much of the old stock has been removed, to make way for new creations which soon shall be filling the empty spaces, I hope. To the dismay of today’s newbies that are told by unwitting well-meaning residents they should visit Gizza to pick up all those lovely freebies, I’m afraid I have to say that those too are gone with the wind. On the up side, you can join the new Giz Seorn group for just L$ 50 and get two very nice, tight fitting t-shirts and trousers which will work with the Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink and TMP mesh bodies as well as the classic avatar.


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