What happens when a turkey loses feathers all over the grid?

The answer to that questions: Well then you get The Jerky Turkey Hunt of course! One with 53 stops no less. I should point out that I often start writing a post about a hunt before I haven even found one item, so at this point I’m still hopeful I will find plenty of delectable goodies that will work for me, but I’m also realistic enough to know that as this is a mixed hunt, there will most probably be items I can’t… eeehm… fill out. For a full list of hints and locations for this hunt, which runs until 30th November, head over to Evil Bunny Productions website. Oh and perhaps you will want to know that this is a 1l$, meaning that each orange feather will cost you 1 L$. Here goes!

  1. Grumble: It doesn’t look like there will be anything here for me. Moving on.
  2. Uni Boutique: The landing point drops you on the beach. Head up to that lilac building, but angain there’s nothing for me here.
  3. Sevyn East: Njet.
  4. Firelight: A right click on the orange feather here tells me that the hairstyle that’s in it is one for female avatars. That’s a shame, seeing how this store carries a couple of unisex hairstyles.
  5. Little 2 Large: There’s a suit for us manly men here. The shoulders are much too Dynasty form my liking and the textures leave me underwhelmed. I like the shirt though. I would wear that under another jacket if that were possible (but it isn’t).
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Little 2 Large
  6. Facepalm Clothing Company: This place caters to both female and male avatars so I took the gamble and lost, the prize here is a dress.
  7. MOoH!: Another place where I thought that perhaps the prize would be a trinket of some sort but it turned out to be a dress.
  8. La Bella Boutique: The prize here consists of a couple of tattoos that are lacking in sharpness and originality.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - La Bella
  9. Gee: It’s supposed to be neck tattoo but the box was empty, so I notified the store owner.
  10. Clutter for Builders: A nice set of fabric textures.
  11. Tool Shed: A scattering of acorns to make that crazy saber tooth squirrel from Ice Age salivate profusely. Sure they don’t make a huge difference, but on my deck they added a nice touch to the autumn leaves the wind has been blowing under my lounger. You probably need to go over to my Flickr page to be able to see them.
    Autumn at Farnsworth I blog
  12. Epoch: A charming little framed blackboard with the word “thankful” written on it. That’s lovely… I’m European, we don’t do Thanksgiving.
  13. Palette: A collection of 12 retro (wall)paper designs in autumn colours.
  14. Marquesse: Skip.
  15. SlackGirl: Stick on nails which don’t work with any of my male mesh bodies or even my Slink Dynamic hands. I guess it’s a supply and demand kind of thing. If people aren’t asking for fancy fingernails for male avatars, creators won’t start making them out of egalitarian ideology.
  16. IT (Indulge Temptation!): I rather like this wreath necklace, especially as it comes with a hud with 10 texture choices. And if you want to get in touch with IT, just call 0118 999 881 999 119 725.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Various 1
  17. Madcatcreations Boutique: Though this store has some menswear, the only prize I could find was for female avatars.
  18. The Artist Shed: A male an female pilgrim figurine. I repeat: I’m Europan, we don’t do Thanksgiving!
  19. Ink Blots: Nothing appealed to me.
  20. Lush: It takes my 1 L$ but for some reason I get the warning that the folder cannot be created in my inventory. Oh well, it’s not like this hunt has been otherwise frustrating or anything.
  21. Epicine: I’m getting the same message here: cannot create requested inventory. OK, so it’s probably an SL issue… And a sign I should go to bed, but let’s see if the SL site has something to say about it. Aha! “Some users may experience issues logging in, rezzing objects from inventory and saving objects.” No shit Sherlock!
  22. Gross Princess: Didn’t find it. This is the next day by the way and I didn’t return for the two that went wrong cause I just couldn’t be bothered.
  23. Off The Wall: It’s a turkey with a mildly amusing sign. Ah yes, Thanksgiving again. Turns out the thing is on full bright and can’t be adjusted. I’m allergic to full bright. It makes me break out in hives.
  24. Emerald Couture: My gut told me that this was going to be another dress.
  25. Moolala: A sparkly pink finger nail applier inspired by autumn leaves. I applaud the idea, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it anytime soon. When it comes to my nails I go with natural, black or something funny for Christmas.
  26. #Bye: Another example of a store that carries both male and female items but just couldn’t be bothered to offer something for both in the orange feather. Bye indeed.
  27. Tiar: This “Snow Pod” isn’t exactly the most beautiful landscaping piece I’ve ever seen, but maybe ones the rest of the land is covered in snow, it will merge into it and it does contain plenty of animations, including adult ones. The land impact is 6.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Tiar
  28. Earthworkx: A charming simple signs with some pumpkins. I like this. I can use this. The land impact is 5. Hmmm… bit on the heave side for such a simple decoration.
  29. Kitty Creations: A cute but somewhat rough around the edges autumn scene complete with wheelbarrow, bunches of chrysanthemums, pumpkins and a toy turkey with a sign which unfortunately is full bright and can’t be removed. But you can always slide a slightly larger prim over it and texture that with your own sign. Land impact is 6.
  30. Latex Station: Nothing for me here.
  31. !Vamp!: The feather was acting rather coy and there was nothing here that made me believe I really wanted to find it.
  32. Personal Effects: As much as I like browsing people’s Facebook photo albums, I don’t feel the need to put them in ugly frames and slap them against my virtual walls.
  33. Cheeky: Oh look they have some menswear. Oh look, the prize requires you to have boobs to be able to wear it. Why Cheeky? WHY?
  34. Dreamscapes Art Gallery: The same sign as the one from Earthworx but with a different  Thanksgiving related text and candles on top. There’s also a separate apple basket. Altogether quite charming. Land impact is 2 each.
  35. Hopes Creations: Nothing for me here.
  36. Get Frocked: The name says it all. Mind you, perhaps one day I’ll want to go all Dame Edna and then I will have to get a frock, but for now I’ll pass.
  37. Zinner Gallery: Njet.
  38. Fairey Angel Creations: It’a cone shaped topiary with flashing lights. A bit too flashy for my liking.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Various blog
    Image shows No. 18, 28, 29, 34, 38 and 40
  39. Timeless Textures: a pack of 12 brocade textures which I may or may not make use of if I do or do not create a boudoir.
  40. Simply Shelby: Wall art text all about Thanksgiving. Oh well.
  41. Applique Chic: Nothing to see. Move it along.
  42. Roro: Njet
  43. Adris King: I saw they had a nice pair of shorts here and thought that was the only male item I could see in their range, I thought I’d take a change… Doh! Applier pants for ladies. Oh well.
  44. Kingswood: First impression was women’s wear only. Ciao. Neeeext!
  45. Wiccan Wears: They could have gone with a unisex item, but they chose to give away a tiny backpack which can’t be stretched.
  46. FE Style: It’s a pare of cropped sweatpants but seeing how they were standard size only, I felt I couldn’t make them work with the Signature body without (too) much shape altering. It’s  shame. I feel FE Style needs to shake things up a bit.
  47. Midnyte Creations: Nothing for me here.
  48. EccentriciXi: Njet.
  49. EscalateD: Nope.
  50. Stitches Creations: I like the idea of this rustic cart as a place to cuddle, but the animations aren’t ideal for two man-sized avatars, the textures could be a bit sharper and perhaps the wheels a bit rounder.
    Jerkey Turkey Hunt - Stitches
  51. Season of Wonders: Bales of hay and some huge pumpkins. Meh.
  52. OMG! Inc.: Tube dresses aren’t really my thing.
  53. Chrismas Fair: No! It’s too soon.

Conclusion: Too many creators ignore their male customers in this hunt. I don’t mind if someone chooses not to create anything for male avatars, but it does piss me off just a little bit when a creator who does cater for both genders (and everything in between) neglects male avatars by offering a dress as a hunt prize.

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