November Gacha Garden

Some people approach a gacha vendor with a sense of purpose and won’t leave it alone till they have that much coveted rare item. Personally I just occasionally give one of those friendly fruit machines a casual spin and I don’t pay much attention to what comes out. Those are my little surprises for later, when I have a quiet moment to unpack it all. Spending too much time at a gacha machine reminds me of a deep dark past with compulsive gambling and I prefer to keep that monster locked away. The Gacha Garden however, is a sweet little sim made for wandering around at, taking  a look at what’s new in this Life we call Second and grabbing a bunch of gifts.

This is not the kind of event you should go to if you are a manly man who only likes manly things or if you are a lady (enter Emily Howard: “I’m a laaaady!”) who doesn’t hold with all that fluffy nonsense. Case in point: I was already about halfway through when I spotted the first menswear items. The Gacha Garden is more a mix of whimsical collectables, imaginative women’s apparel and accessories with just a sprinkling of furniture, home decoration items and the occasional odd one out, like Speakeasy with their tattoos and poses.

Gacha Garden November 2017 - 2 blog
Be careful with that music box from Infinity, that tune is hypnotic! I mentioned this in a group chat, stating that I have never played Final Fantasy and wasn’t familiar with the music. Someone else replied that hey hadn’t even heard of Final Fantasy and when they were told it’s a game that’s been around for a long time they said: “Oh, so like Mario Bros. Not cool and trendy clearly.” This made me sigh audibly, and mumble to myself: “The last time the word “trendy” was acceptable was around 1997, but you do you boo boo.”

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