Easy on the budget and the eyes 2

One of the things I have come to enjoy doing with this blog is showing the possibilities of the free TMP mesh body in combination with the classic avatar head, a.k.a. system head. Partly because I realise that many people that are new to Second Life feel hesitant about spending money and others simply are on a tight entertainment budget. I understand that things become a bit scary when your cats start looking at your face with an unhealthy level of hunger in their eyes. At that point it’s probably wiser to go buy cat food rather than a mesh avatar. Another reason is that it makes me feel slightly mischievous, showing people how they can get more out of the free TMP body. Keep in mind that The Mesh Project hasn’t updated their body since they first launched the beta version about three years ago and it doesn’t look like they ever will update it. With the other choices we have today, I wouldn’t buy their L$ 5000 male mesh body, but I definitely do still think that the free body is a bit of cheap good-looking fun. For a more elaborate review of this free body, I refer to one of my older posts.

The skin you see on the body is one of its 30 built-in skin tones (No. 10) and for the system head I have used Ares by Akeruka. This system skin is a gift you can get by joining the Akeruka group, which costs L$ 150 at the moment. You will have to search for it in the Akeruka store, as the large poster for this gift is somewhat tucked away in a corner. For some the group joining fee may feel a bit hefty, but keep in mind that in the past half year, two new Akeruka male mesh heads have been offered as group gifts during the first two weeks after their release. Don’t forget to wear the TMP neck fader in the correct skin tone to create a nicely blended neckline.
The hairstyle is Itsuki by Argrace in almond tone. You can get a pack of 5 medium brown tones of this hairstyle for L$ 250.
For those moments that you just want to (and can!) hang out somewhere in your undies, you can go with the boxers that come for free with the body or splash out on a pair of Noche swim trunks for L$ 199. Total price for this look: L$ 599.

Easy on the budget and eyes 2b blog
We have yet again reached the point where sadly I have to admit that except for underwear from various brands and all items from TMP’s own pricey clothing line, you cannot simply put clothes on this body without the skin poking through at all ends. But if you are wearing long sleeves, you can make good use of the mesh hands. Simply remove the body, the feet and the alpha layer, leaving on only the mesh hands; then use the alpha layer of a pair of gloves to hide your system hands. The seam on your underarm will be awful, but this will be hidden by the sleeves. You are now ready to put on some clothes, like the Tartan Denim Jacket from Fe Style. This is a previous hunt item and you can now buy it for L$ 10, just look for it at the reception desk. You can go a bit tartan crazy and combine the jacket with a pair of trousers that’s currently part of a group gift at Giz Seorn. The joining fee for this group is just L$ 50. This ensemble goes particularly well with a pair of boat shoes. For L$ 99 you can get a pair in 12 different colours from Roc, which is fabulous value for money. Total price for this look: L$ 559.

That’s my bit of penny pinching for today, but I might continue this “Easy on the budget and the eyes” series and I think it might be interesting to revisit the idea of the TMP body as “underwear model”. But now I want PIZZA!

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